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    The agenda and proposals on the council website (as detailed above).
    make very depressing reading.
    The updated plan has not been changed at all.
    The presentation to be put before the meeting next week says there
    are only 3 objections to these proposals.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Her name is Georgia and she is not only nice but very genuine.
    I've spoken to her already.
    But her objections are not enough on their own because the Greens
    are very much the minority party on the council and are excluded from
    the behind-the-scenes decision-making process.

    I'm sorry if everyone here is getting depressed by this.
    Even non-Brighton sailors.
    Please vent your anger by writing a jolly letter to our council,
    registering your surprise that you hear windsurfers are no longer
    welcome in such a great city.
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    These letters are all great, guys,
    Keep 'em coming.
    Now back in the UK.

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    This issue has not gone away and the meeting is still on for this
    Thursday at 5pm at the Old Town Hall in Brighton's Bartholomews
    Many councillors are completely unaware of sea and sailing matters
    and they have many things to discuss at this Environment Committee
    meeting, including the seafront bylaws issue. Unfortunately they are
    also discussing at this meeting proposed 'residents parking' areas
    an issue which is always another hot potato.

    It is so easy for these councillors to simply accept the advice they are
    offered by council officials in this case, another set of jobsworths who
    don't know what they are doing when it comes to marine matters.
    We must get these councillors at least questioning what they are being

    So please write to the Environment Committee councillors if you have
    not already done so.

    For names and addresses to write to see the links already posted in
    earlier pages of this thread.
    Or go to;
    Now back in the UK.

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    Good to have you on board.

    The article in today's Brighton Argus is good, with a balanced view and
    quotes from many businesses who all object to the proposals as they
    now stand.
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    Dunno what the kiters will be wearing Gmac, but there may be a lot of
    people there straight from the beach with wet hair etc...
    Now back in the UK.

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    I'll let gmac post his own comments in the morning.

    But to paint a picture:
    You could sit at one of those council committeee meetings and think
    that the blind are leading the blind here. (Is that not Politically
    Correct? Well it's not PC for us windsurfers, either)
    Committee officials are there because they are councillors who,
    presumably, love to be involved and who like sitting in meetings But
    they are in this SYSTEM, where decisions are really made on Planet
    Zog. And these councillors, some with the best of intentions, just take
    recommendations from their council officials. Amongst the rival
    political groupings, whispers are heard in dark corridors, and maybe
    Chardonnay corks are popped. Important decisions are eventually
    taken on the nod. Whilst tea and biscuits are provided.
    It's all very alienating, and no wonder that people don't bother to vote

    What actually happened today was as follows;
    There was a lot of 'behind-the-scenes' activity, in the run up to this
    On our side, an energetic windsurfing barrister, Jeremy, got involved
    he happens to sail off the King Alfred Sports Centre in Hove.
    He turned up to the meeting, wearing his barrister's pin-stripe suit. He
    had a leather brief case with a lot of briefs in it. In fact he handed
    them round. Everybody must wear these, he decreed.
    I think there's a spell-check problem there.
    Everybody must read this, he decreed.

    Jeremy had already sent a heavy legal letter to the council on
    Wednesday, to add to the other 100 or so they had already received
    from the likes of you lot, and others. I'll bet it weighed more than my
    carbon 75.
    Perhaps more significantly, the Royal Yachting Association, having had
    several meetings this week themselves, this afternoon sent their own
    serious legal letter to the council, listing several objections to all the
    proposals to be put before tonight's meeting.
    This RYA letter makes such great reading I'm glad I've just renewed
    my membership. They complain about right of access; of the dangers
    of sailing craft being lumped with motorised craft, and of the lack of
    consultation in the decision-making process. Perhaps most importantly
    of all , they complain about the dangerous precedent this proposed
    bylaw sets.
    And the council must then have realised; They have a fight on their

    So the council officals and councillors arrived at the meeting, on the
    back foot, realising that they must say;
    'Today's decision is only taken very early in a long consultative
    Which is jumbo speak for:
    "Ooops, we've buggered it up, but we are not going to admit it. We'll
    talk further..."

    The behind-the-scenes-decision was actually that the proposals were
    accepted in principle, but with a further 4-week consultative period
    being required to consider several listed ammendments to the original
    plan the original plan as listed on the council's own website; the
    ammendments first proposed by, ahem... us, over a year ago.
    Those of us monitoring the proceedings at the committee meeting
    only saw this confusing decision being voted through.
    And at that point our lives seemed beyond our realistic control.
    Was this a victory, or a further set-back? (Should we take drugs?)

    Unfortunately, you can't just think 'bugger it' and head off for the pub.
    The slow cogs of local government continue to grinde and clog. It
    seems likely that there is now to be a new 'consultative' committee.
    And we will all meet once more, and make exactly the same points we
    have been making from the start. Kafka never got this far.
    Indeed, I personally was asked by council official Chris Holm, to be on
    that committee. After our earlier meetings, I didn't know whether to
    shake his hand and say; 'Yes, of course...",
    Or to just hit him.

    It's difficult being grown-up, isn't it?
    But people's lives may be at stake here.
    I know mine is.....

    Now back in the UK.

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