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    thanks guys, went out on the sea, no problem was ACE well and trually hooked... just gotta set myself up with wave kit now

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    All this talk about the scary sea.

    Only time I ever came close to trouble was on a res.

    Board blew away, from a typically nasty gust you get inland.

    It was winter, I had a dry suit on, the old death bag types so aptly named.

    Took so long to find a lift I got hyperthermia.

    I luckily grabbed some trailing warp from some guy who was fighting to get a laser back.

    I find the sea a much friendlier and warmer place, the water temp never gets quite a cold as inland, and generally the wind aint as gusty or shifty, even when its offshore (once you get out a way).

    As long as you learn to roll with the punches and be part of it, the sea itself wont do you any harm. Even tides, you'd be extremely unlucky to find one that went out terminally, they mostly go left or right, just swim across them, once you get back to shore you can always walk.

    Couple of common sense rules, like never stand with the board between you and the oncoming wave. Never wear so much buoyancy crap you can't dive down and out of trouble.
    Remember to breath. You'd be surprised just how long you can stay under water provided you grabbed a big breath before you went in.

    And like someone else said, more often than not, the sea will spit you back out if you're not up to it anyway.

    But keep trying, its way better than lakes and everything works better because of the inherent flotation of the water. Most windsurfing stuff is designed for salt rather than fresh water.

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