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Have to agree with Grable - sheeting out is a really bad habit and one I 'm still occasionally guilty of if I fluff getting into the rear strap and it all goes wrong.

Don't think of catapults as fun - try to avoid them as

a) they're a sign you're doing something wrong

b) you could get hurt, badly

c) you could break the nose of your board/punch a hole in it/crush it.

Yeah, but as wavetrashed says, you can be overcautious, too. The doing something wrong is pretty obvious. The getting hurt and knocking the nose off the board are the more serious questions. You shouldn't get badly hurt, or break the board, if you stay sheeted in and go right past the nose. everything should land in the water. Its a quick stop, but nothing worse. I seldom catapault nowadays (but went through a little rash of them a couple of months ago, for no apparent reason, I think it must have been too little downhaul; one cost me going from 1st place to 18th in a slalom race ). My usual 'injury' is a couple of days of sore front neck and chest muscles I think from bracing against the impact. It usually happens so out-of-control that I have no options on the 'sheet in' stuff, my harness has jerked me off my feet and is flinging me like a horror movie. The one slow motion catapault I did I ended up running up the side of my board, then dinged both me and the board. So if you find yourself 'going, going....' just sheet in hard and enjoy the rotation. BTW, this (unhooked and at very slow speed) is supposed to be a good way to practice for looping!