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    Quote Originally Posted by younggun2
    so........... approach the chop with LOOSE straps, throw a shovelful of mud towards the sky, ollie like on a skate board, get bum down below straps, put weight on back to avoid digging nose in when you land..........
    Nah, just go like f*ck, pick the biggest piece of chop you see, head up and hit it.

    Or in my case pick the first piece of chop I see, head up too soon, lose speed & crawl over it as I watch the biggest piece of chop form up ahead while desperately trying to get enough speed back as it passes by

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    Use the force Luke......

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    You need the boom at shoulder height or higher and your feet need to be deep into snug fitted straps. You also need to be power-up to make it easier to get the board out of the water. Look for a chop, unhook from the harness and hang off the boom with arm extended. Try to hit the chop head on, get your weight onto your backfoot, pull up on the boom and sheet-in while at the same time pulling onto the front foot to get the nose of the board into the air, jump off the toes of the backfoot to get the tail level with the nose.When air-born pull the back foot under your bottom and extend front leg to bear off and land downwind, while at the same time pressing on the toes of the back foot to expose the under-side of the board to the wind to help it float. On landing touch down tail first by extending back leg and keeping the shin vertical to avoid spin-out and bend it again to soften the impact on landing.

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    thanks for that, "boyblue's complete guide to chop hops" hehe, now got to wait for january and for someone to sell me a 370mast as its about time a bargain decent one came along lol!

    well next time im out illl try it and report back with more questions lol

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