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    Got to be the best thread title for ages...

    Wouldn't you be best to use a Gemini Tandem or similar? One person sails whilst the other person fishes? Probably best if the person on the front sails, and the one on the back does the fishing.

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    so your out sailing and you catch 20 mackrel, then where do you put them ?

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    Nope, Graeme, this will be a solo mission and I want to be trawling the line to get the spinners spinning. Easy option would be to sail out, drop rig and fish, but thats not the dream.

    I'd like to know just how much line you have to let out. If its a lot then I guess a reel has to be worked into the system, otherwise maybe a length of narrow chord that you could pull in by hand, with say 10 feet of fish line on the end of that. Other issues include how do you turn around without over running your line (especially if its very long) or maybe you reel in at the end of each run.

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    went mackerel fishing off st. ives once - we used rods with multiple hooks, each with its own small red feather as bait. When you hit a shoal you'd be pulling in a line full of fish every time you cast - mackerel really are dumb. The mackerel fishermen off st. ives don't use rods, just long lines with multiple hooks a foot or 2 apart, presumably with a weight on the end. They were pulling in 10's of fish at a time - peice of p*ss if you can find the right spot.

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    galeforce, I just sketched a bucket on the nose of the board but couldnt work out how to fix it there, then I saw your post. These are all the issues that makes what sounds easy quite complicated. I reckon probably a rucksack for the keepers. OR, one of those netty hoop things trailing behind as well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmac
    OR, one of those netty hoop things trailing behind as well?
    now that does sound like trawling......

    hmm and your buying another windsurfer

    hmm pair trawling

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    the second Windsurfer is looking unlikely now, bidding has reached a staggering 36 already.
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