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Thread: Boom height

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wing 11 View Post
    Yes for sure.

    I just give example of Hans who is 2m tall,in every picture/videos I find on internet he has boom in max low position.Obiviously he feels good in this set up.
    Big names/tall sailors AA,BD,Bringdal etc in Luderitz put boom almost in max position even wind blows above 50 knots..
    AA made record run with boom in max position when gust hits maybe above 60knots.
    Interesting, they are all slalom/racers as their main discipline, speed sailing was more of an offshoot. Maybe thats the reason, different main disciplines and dont alter their tuning methods much when crossing over.

    All of these Dutch sailors in this video are speed sailors and all have a lower boom when compared to the above. They are all over 6 foot as well.

    Hans Kreisal also sails on slalom kit with larger sails, but I cant find any pictures of him on that kit to compare boom height.

    I didnt hear MFP mentioned once. Hans Kreisal says move the mastfoot to alter the pressure on the fin.

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    Anyone remember "Faster" by Peter Hart -

    It has a whole section on boom height comparing the stance of some of the top riders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil_in_poole View Post
    I didnt hear MFP mentioned once. .
    Because it doesn't exist!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navegante View Post
    Because it doesn't exist!
    Hold my beer.

    <grabs skateboard, scissors, stickyback plastic & empty washing up bottle>

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    I guess it's great we have archived threads, but this one is ten year's old, and we have a more recent thread on boom height issues from the last few weeks.

    As a lot of thinking has changed, we had better warn that some of the stuff in this older thread is out of date.
    Of course the same out of date views may also persist.

    There is also a lively debate on whether MFP exists or not in the recent thread, so it's not very helpful to have the discussion spread over two threads.

    On that basis, I won't add anything new to this thread. (Which some may like).

    But this particular discussion often gets heated and goes round in circles and it's pointless having it spread across more than one thread.

    As said in the other thread, issues of boom height are many, but your analysis and personal choice will also depend on what sort of gear you sail, and so unless you start by saying what gear you mean, the chances are that you argue endlessly at cross-purposes.

    As explained in the recent thread, mast foot pressure certainly exists but not necessarily all of the time.

    There is no denying that we connect the rig to our board via three points, namely through the mast foot and via our own two feet. But we are not kiting, and so in the acceleration process and in transitions there is load through the mast foot, sideways and downwards. If you lean forwards you can also increase downward load through the mast foot, especially on those modern shorter boards that are sailed with upright stance.
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