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Thread: Back loop club!

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    Hi Guys and girls

    i would like to start a thread on back looping as it seems everyone wants to learn to forward loop and back loops are soo much more fun, here we can talk about back loops, one-handed back loops, and push loops.

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    Hey Ant, most people know the theory behind a forward loop (sheet in and hold on), but I personally know nothing about doing a back loop... wouldn't even know where to start...

    Are they easier / harder than forwards? Where do we start?

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    I've got the forward going on both tacks now.

    I'm doing something wrong with my backies. I never seem to get past the following position: mast parallel to the water and board/boom pointing vertically downwards. Pretty much as my avatar to the left, only the board is a bit more pointed vertically.


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    right well what scares me about people doing forwards is 'sheet in and hold on!'
    and no-one talking about the direction and then the rotation.

    welll back loops have the same path as a forward so here goes in 3 easy steps, step 1 first as im going sailing:

    1, The Path
    direction is the #1 issue of part time sailors as everyone sails with their board going slightly sideways, so to start with you need to find a nice steep wave, doesnt have to be big and the take off going slightly off the wind, (99% of people doing back loops take off upwind which increases the wind over the sail which is bad for the landing.)
    so now as you have taken off going high of the steep wave and slightly off wind you will now be able to start to rotate.

    even though back loops are 100 times harder then forward loops you can practice the rotation part by part, so practice getting this stage right and tonight ill come back and go through stage 2 then the destination stage 3.

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    right good wind today so will see if i can get charlie to video and put together a backloop technique vid for download from my website! (sorry fred for the pimping )

    see you on the water today at Shorekipa!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BakerAcademy
    (99% of people doing back loops take off upwind which increases the wind over the sail which is bad for the landing.)
    that's me, my backloop attempts have involved carving up a wave throwing the board around and landing mostly on my butt having only spun around 180 degrees

    all top tips gratefully received,

    p.s. I'm also in the can't forward / won't forward camp but backies look so much better and less likely to involve face planting the boom....

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