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Thread: Back loop club!

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    Going very fast. a blog about looping

    UPDATED Feb 2016

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    Cool Elusive backloop!

    I think tucking and leaning back as you land help.

    I'm not very consistent at all with this move in any way (only landed two this month!), I have been using Ant's tips of bearing away etc and three of us have had more success this weekend with this tip - Ben managed 4 clean ones and Luke and I managed 1 (although he may have got more on the Sunday after I left!)

    This tip was from a guy in Lanzarote after watching me try them in June. After he gave me this advice I landed this one..

    I've had more luck with the lower ones and a nice steep wave as in the vid. I have found not looking round until the upwards momentum of the jump has finished helps with not over doing it and getting the 270 rather than the 360 which can hurt!

    Dave Horrocks was landing monster ones at the weekend - fair play to him!

    As I've said before I think a camera will help as you can see what you are doing, or how much you are rotating, tucking, sheeting and how close you are to making it. Dave from the shop has a nice mast mount camera (flymount) that gave excellent footage. I have lots if footage where I wasn't making it and I changed what I was doing until I got some limited success.
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    The first one was landed quite unexpectedly. Was on a sail I'm not so comfortable with. Happened on the one and only jump for the day which was mostly slog and ride.
    Such an incredible feeling to get to land something I discovered in videos. Never thought I would be able to do such a move!

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    Congratulations for becoming member of the 'back loop club'!

    Can you elaborate why it worked this time?

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    (Disclaimer: I'm such a novice looper that my analysis may not be worth as much as someone with more experience!)

    - Timing with the wave (wave and jump angle, jump height, it all matched to generate the rotation needed to complete the loop)
    - Underpowered landing (hides mistakes such as sheeting out), bending back leg (to nose dive instead of landing flat)

    It's a bit of passive move, to me the most critical part is to hit the wave at the perfect spot.
    I believe higher backloops require more technique and finer control over the rotation.

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