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Thread: Back loop club!

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    Hi Ant,

    Any tips for initiating and controlling pushloops in side-on to sideshore conditions?


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    Haven't and dont plan to ever try one, but I'm surprised no-one mentions the direction of the wind.

    From what I have seen in video's, you only rotate about 270 degrees and then screw the board round the last 90 when you hit the water. At the top of the jump, the wind should be blowing along the clew of the sail and that is when you sheet out to initiate the nose going down. Sheet back in to have just enough wind to control the angle of the board to the water and try to hit it at about 45 degrees, (although it would seem a lot steeper from the board) and land with the board going directly downwind. Then screw the board round while sheeting right out. And tuck up to speed up the loop, or stretch out to slow it.

    That's what the semi-stalled backies look like to me. The flatter, low, high speed rotations look like they are less risky, but it's mostly in the take-off as to whether you make it or not.

    (One thing I noticed from push loops is that they initiate them about one metre below the top of the jump - presumably because their momentum makes it easer to get them over the sail.)

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    Push loops are alot simpler to pull off then back loops, but like forwards they are a little scarier!!

    so the take off has to be a little more into wind and is started with a pull on the front hand to get the board lifting as high as possible then at 75% height pull with the front hand and push HARD with the back hand!!

    hope this helps

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    What about the head - where should this look? At the top of the sail or down to the water over your shoulder like you would do with a back loop, or doesn't it matter which way you look? I've not tried these yet but will do next time it is proper windy

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    i like to look back at the water as it gives me a landing spot like the back loop, but in kow my brother looks at the top of the sail!!

    good luck let me know how you get on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BakerAcademy
    but in kow my brother looks at the top of the sail!!

    Yeah, but what does he know
    Got an opinion? Great. Guess what, so's everyone else!

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    Lost boy i hear ya!

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