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    Senior Member hmsgeoff's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    I have for sale, if there was a classifieds section.

    Ezzy 460 mast.
    Pro Limit Hadlow Kite Harness 2009 Large.
    RRD 110 Freestyle Wave
    Evo 100ltr wood
    Sreamlined 140-190 carbon boom (offers over 250).
    Naish double board bag with one buggered zip.
    Neil Pryde tripple board bag,

    hmsgeoff aaattt gggmail dot com

    I commute from london to crewe every week, so maybe agle to deliver in this vicinity if prices are right.


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    Senior Member Duncan Adam's Avatar
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    Good idea in the interim, hmsgeoff.

    Down in Bristol Windy World are my 2006 iSonic 105ltr plus fins.

    Also a full on cambered Gun Mega XS 4.7m 2008.

    Plus an Aeron Tapered Alloy Boom 140-190 from 2007, ask Rich or Nick for the price.
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    2018 Sessions: Speed/Slalom 03, B&J/Wave 02, SUP/WindSUP 00
    2017 Sessions: Speed/Slalom 12, B&J/Wave 09, SUP/WindSUP 01
    2016 Sessions: Speed/Slalom 20, B&J/Wave 23, SUP/WindSUP 03

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    Tralee, Ireland
    Great idea to post here until the Classifieds section on the website is back

    I've updated my for sale list on my blog here where you can see photos and prices of the items i am selling

    I have for sale

    2008 Lorch Division S Speedboard (225cm x 49.5cm, 83 litres)
    Fanatic Mega Cat Longboard (380cm x 67cm, 250 liters)
    2005 11.0m Sailworks NX 4
    2008 KA Koncept’s 9.0m, 7.5m, 6.6m, 5.8m
    Fiberspar Reflex 6000 Masts 1 x 460cm, 1 x 520cm 100% Carbon
    Dakine Mast Pad
    Neil Pryde XT Extension 1 x 48cm, 1 x 28cm(Chinook US 2 pin)
    O'neill Psycho 2 5/3mm Winter Wetsuit Size 52 Large (Full Arm/Full Leg)
    Neil Pryde 3000 4/3mm Wetsuit Size 52 Large (Full Arm/Full Leg)
    Neil Pryde 3000 4/3mm Wetsuit Size 50 Large (Short Arm Convertable)
    Neil Pryde 3000 3/2mm Wetsuit Size 52 Large (Shorty)(Brand New and Never Been Worn)
    25cm Tectonics F-1 Falcon and 32cm, 34cm, 36cm Vector Fins Maui Rockit Fins

    Give me a shout if you are interested in anything and if you are interested in a few things i can do a bit of a discount

    KA Sails (
    Mistral (
    Chinook (
    Spartan Wetsuits (
    Vector Maui Fins (
    Wind and Wave (

    Windsurfingfins (
    Rockerline Surfware (

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    Nov 2008
    2008 JP FWS PRO 84L in superb condition hardly used a bargain at 395

    2008 6.5 Naish Redline, seriously fast sail in perfect condition having only been used twice, I sold my fast board and so the sail might as well go to someone who can make the most of it. Cost me 360 so a bargain at 195

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    Senior Member wehey's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    I have a Kona 10.5 (145L) Long/Wave Board for sale, excellent condition, with bag 550

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    Farnborough / My own little world...
    I have a 2008 North Duke 6.4 in perfect condition going for 220, but will take 195 and then I can buy kevinsadlers Redline :-)

    I also have a Mistral Heat 8'4" (02) going for whatever I can get for it.

    kevin - what luff/mast is the redline? What board did you use it with?
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    - F2 Discovery, a well worn but great for learning on L=225, W=90, V=225 : 85

    - Starboard Cruiser WindSUP, with leash, 25cm MFC US fin, side-biters and paddle : 295
    :.. well-used with one repair but all sound

    - Powerex Z-Wave 400 drop-shape mast (good condition with bag) : 85

    - Select Lightning 26cm speed fin, tuttle fitting (great condition) : 25
    - F2 Chilli freestyle fin 23cm, powerbox (a bit worn) : 15

    - soft-top surfboard, tri-fin, leash (7'10'' I think) : 100

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    i have an HTS freerace for sale (Coppello design 230x75x120ltr ) plus Gun Wave MC 4.7
    All will be at the Hayling Boot sales when that starts up again

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