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    towards the right

    Van fit-outs. A compendium.

    Over the years, we've had many threads showing how we've fitted-out our various vans. You can never find them when you want to though, especially as many of the older links are now broken. Now we've got a sticky thread, I've started to dig out a few out. Others please do feel free to do likewise. I'll try to remember to add new links to the list, and thank you to those who have now added extra stuff, (links or thumbnails) here.

    If you have / spot stuff which you think it would be good to add in here, let me know.

    * Unfortunately, various forum links have been broken or content lost (along with much other forum content) when the new forum was launched in June 2012. If you find any of the missing stuff, if I've missed your van, or if you have any other links to add, please do message me.

    (Mostly) forumites' vans

    TimmyQ's amazing carbon-kevlar T5 van floor (with link to slideshow)
    SteveE's T5. With scatter cushions.
    My T5 LWB sleeping platform
    Some shots of Windseeker's T5 (can't find the original gallery) and also now in 'bedding down for the night' mode
    Jay's T5 conversion blog. Smells like he's had sheep in there.

    Wintergirl's various VWs: Eva, Bryony and Carrot.

    Zilched's T4
    Zilched's new T5 Kombi racking
    Nick's T4. I think we had some more detailed stuff somewhere, but I've not found it yet.*
    Krafty's T4 *
    An old Renault Master conversion of Krafty's
    Harry's T4
    Purehardcore's T4 racking
    Kelvin Scott Perry's T4 conversion project
    Redsurfbus's red surf bus
    Redsurfbus MK2 Excellent thread showing an LT35 conversion project

    Jurassic's Vito

    Wilbaspank's Trafic.[Link currently down - Aug 11] Very 'Habitat' - and now also available in video
    Jamesalfa's Renault Trafic LWB conversion
    Ric Cleworth's Vivaro. (in 39 steps) + related forum thread
    Tim319's Trafic camper conversion and related van conversion blog.

    IRL-250's huge Peugeot Boxer and subsequent alteration

    Youtube of Baldmart's Transit conversion. Nice work, shame about the rap music.
    Timo's 'Caged Animal' Transit conversion (Action Van)

    Od84's Mitsi, complete with kiln-dried sails.

    Peconic Puffin's van (with entire van photo album linked)
    The 'Ultimate Windsurfing Van' (apparently)
    Gecko's racking system
    Whitey's old van. His new one is pretty impressive too. Anyone got a link to photos of that?
    Duncan's wheels
    Jeff Scott's Sprinter motorhome conversion (120+ pictures) [New linky]
    Jeff's done a Routemaster too
    Not strictly a van, but Sav's old Moggy deserves listing

    Van bits of other windsurfing sites
    Van gallery on Phill's site
    The Boardseeker van
    and whilst mentioning Boardseeker, here are some more vans from there back in 2004. Quite a few of them still around.
    Forces-of-Nature Al's Toybox
    NWF 2013 'Stand By Your Van' galleries.
    Some Australian vans. Probably full of venomous spiders.

    From the Brickyard and other van sites
    T5 Folding sleeping platform
    Another low level T5 platform
    T5 Surf Camper conversion blog A three year blog, with the earlier posts containing a lot on leisure electrics and fit-out.
    Windseeker's removable van cabinets

    From some windsurf-friendly van converters' sites
    Juice Van Design

    A list of van converters and such, compiled by Southern Surf
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    Great idea TF!

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    I agree great idea, took me ages to decide how to fit mine out.
    Things I like - two board and two booms fit easily under one side, sails slide in in roller bag under other. Having a slide out section I can then use as a recliner. All the space is great.
    Things I dont like - cant use the bed platform as a seat myself as too tall - fine for the mrs though.
    I will put a finished pic up, dont seem to have one right now.

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    cool idea, interesting to see all the other vans.

    heres mine:

    holds 2 big boards, surf board booms masts, 5 sails etc. plus can live in it
    just fitting a eberspacher heater in it so its cosy in the winter..
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    Here is the view from the rear of my van (which as opposed to many of the beautiful fit-outs you can find here, is neither attractive nor expensive. But it's efficient!)

    For sleeping I roll an air mattress down the middle (self-inflating) and then a sleeping bag (both are stored behind the driver's seat.) This setup only sleeps one.

    On the left I have four boards (one is not in the van in this photo[/img] and above the boards I have four sails. My three smallest sails fit to the inside of my smallest board on the bottom. Beneath the lowest board are two gear boxes for wetsuits and miscellany.

    To the right is a boom bag with four booms. I have a rack for extensions on the left behind the boards, my fin bag (a mess in this photo) is on the rear left door.

    Leaving the van without a raised floor gives me lots of room for when I use the van to move things other than windsurfing gear. I can also (if I need to) remove the board racks in ten minutes.

    I have a dozen little tweaks in the van...some are my own idea but most are taken from other windsurfing vans I've admired, and can be found on my blog here

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    Good idea indeed,
    I have search for other van conversion in the past before I started mine but never managed to find something that could quiet fit the bill, but at least it gave me some ideas to start on, maybe this time this thread will help others.

    My van is a T5 SWB but I guess you could do much the same with any other vans.
    My 2 first priorities with this van were carrying windsurfing gear (obviously) but being able to have 2 rear seats at the back too (for my kid) with a similar comfort as if we were in a car (for long journeys down to the south of France).

    The seats were fitted by action van (one thing you don't want to mess around with is adding extra seats yourself especially if it's your kid seating at the back). The seats are as far left in the van as possible so it gave me enough space to build a board box on the side. They are fitted on a rail, which allow me to move them forward and backward or simply to remove them when needed (handy if you ever need to move something big one day, the rear shelves can also be removed)
    See seat rail system

    The wheel arches and a good part of the rear of the van are insulated with noise killer Dynamite (or equivalent) and a thin lay of bubble wrap (silver) insulation material and kingspan in the deeper panel sections (which doesn't absorb humidity, important if you don't want the van to rust from the inside).
    The floor and all the inside of the box are protected with a heavy duty lino (black) and sealed to reduce as much as possible to get salty water traveling around (again something to look at to avoid future possible rust). All the external visible panels are covered with a self adhesive carpet for comfort.

    The box can carry 8 sails, 5 mast, a boom bag (4booms), 2 boards up to 75/80mm wide, plus 2 extra wave boards and a surfboard on the top of the box, there is also the possibility to slide a 54cm max width board under the rear seat (when I'm on my own I can carry my SUP too).

    Now with my toys in ( I also carry extra board on top of the box, when I need too)
    Wave sails on the side, bigger sails + mast at the bottom.

    I wanted to be able to sleep in the van too, but only for a short week end Ideally there is seats that you can buy which can convert themselves to a bed (rock n'roll seat/bed type) but the problem with them (for me anyway) is that they don't leave you much space for the windsurfing gear on the side, plus some aren't always 100% safe and the one that are good (safe) are over my budget. Luckily with a little bit of thinking I have managed to built my own frame around the rear seats (when they are out of the rail and in position horizontal). The bottom rear shelve stays in position and is used for half of the bed, the top rear shelves fold and can be remove in 2 seconds, there is an extra folding board which goes over the top of my home made metal frame to create the second section of the bed. 2 piece of memory foam cut to size complete the bed. The reason why everything can be folded or dismantled is simplybecause I wanted to be able to carry it around all the time, see pics bellow.

    Bed down, the folded board under the bed is in fact the rear top shelf. the bed is just over 1m, let say it's very cosy when we sleep 2, but it works! we even managed to sleep at 3 once (my daughter slept on top of the windsurfing box)

    The front seat swivel and I have a folded table (which will soon be upgraded with a skim board version, nicer and lighter)

    The van cost me 6.5K with 100k miles on the clock, the rear seat is (including fitting) about 1K (but you could find the seat second hand as a cheaper option. All the rest including the bed etc probably 7 to 900 . It's no cheap but it is exactly the way I wanted it, I didn't do all of it in on go either. There is still room for improvement and there is probably someone with a much better setup, I want to add a leisure battery soon, but that will be it. I don't really think I can fit anything more in anyway. If I had to do it all over again I would probably go for a LWB for a little extra space, going to bed is not the simplest of exercise when all the doors are shut as you can see.

    Anyway I hope this will give you an other option, hopefully some idea or inspiration to built your own. I must admit that it was long hours of thinking and building but it was good fun and I probably will find an excuse one day to do it all over again, in a bigger van maybe!

    Sorry for the lenght Towfish, I hope this is the right place it too
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    Great idea two fish. Here is my T4 fully filled with all my kit just before going to ireland for a month. It is a very basic lay out but it works for me. Just wish i had less kit!

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