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    Gossip of the day...

    Here's a new thread for windsurfing news and titbits you've picked up.

    Kai Lenny has just finished school!

    Nik Baker, 40, is in Dahab, getting pics of 2012 North sails and Fanatic boards.

    Weever fish are biting people at Shoreham – that's early this year, watch your feet when sailing in shallow water.

    tweet from John Skye:
    Johnskye Slow summer: The usual consistent summer wind hasn't really kicked in yet in Gran Canaria. Normally by now you w...
    4 hours ago

    And Mikey Clancy:
    mikeyclancy Mast high 3.7 sunny magies
    7 hours ago
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    Now back in the UK.

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    weavers don't bite, they sting. Fact.

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    I thought making them sound like piranhas was far more dramatic. It's gossip, right?

    PS. If you do get stung by a weever, it's very painful, but the cure is to stick your foot in a bucket of hot water asap. Contrary to common rumour, urinating on the foot doesn't help. Except maybe for the YouTube video.
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    Now back in the UK.

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    Weaver fish ? Pah ! I got sting-rayed wading out a couple of weeks back. Luckily it didn't get a clean hit or it could have been a bit nasty. (This wasn't at Shorum...)

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    I was bidding on a Moo custom today on behalf of Nick Moffatt. His 595 was outbid at 601.
    Half hour later I get an email asking for fins for a Moo custom.... from **** ******. (sorry just realised he has a different board sponsor )

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    Stingray, that's nothing. When I were a lad I had all my limbs bitten off by a shark, my eyeballs sucked out by limpets then my head ripped off by an orca. I just slapped some leeches on the wounds and was back at work in the mines the same night. Tell the yoof of today that story and they wouldn't beleive you.

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    Haha very good Phil
    What's happened to Peter Hart? He's not well by all accounts?

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