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    It's official. Timo Blond Bits is now the UK's number one windchaser.
    Whilst the Queen was visiting Dublin and the rest of us were squabbling about whether 22mph and cloud could be called a sea breeze, Timo scored two days of 4m weather and hair-rinsing waves in NW Donegal.

    From Tweetypie:
    TimoIR69 Ireland.2 day trip.Epic yesterday in NW Donegal,sunny all day 3 sessions 4.0m cross off and mast high.Perfection!!
    3 hours ago reply retweet favorite
    Now back in the UK.

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    Is this a weaver fish shoal or has one person been bitten / stung by a lost fish?

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    I've been stung by two weaver fish in my time but don't think they were related to each other.
    The bucket thing does work providing it's really really hot water, but then just ignoring the pain works too.

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    I got weevered tue night at hayling, hot water def helped even though not applied immediately as I first had to pack up my kit and drive home one footed before finding said hot water treatment. Still a bit swolen and def tender 2 days later....

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    i got weevered at avon beach some time ago, it hurt like hell for weeks and i still have a scar on my toe. now i wear atans and have not been stung since (except 40 for the atans)
    want up to date weather for your local area? - look out of the window now.
    want to know what the weather will be doing in your area tomorrow? then look out of the window tomorrow

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    Irish sailor, Mikey Clancy is n the telly at 3.30pm today:
    Now back in the UK.

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    Some reports gathered over the weekend:

    Minnis Bay freestyle:

    bubblek540 Prize giving at Minis Bay freestyle event!
    11 hours ago

    Lots of freestyle going on elsewhere too:

    JamieK787 Finished in 9th at Milos Beach! Really light conditions, just missing a couple of moves against Tilo but good fun!
    11 hours ago

    philipsoltysiak Check it out, I'm River Ripper of the month:
    8 hours ago

    GermanFreestyle Kleine Collage von der heutigen Supersession! Weitere Bilder und das Video geht in den nchsten Tagen online.

    Phil Horrocks has had a good waveboard weekend at Rhossy:
    Now back in the UK.

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