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    According to Dario Ojeda's blog, the 2011 PWA Pozo wave event has now been confirmed.

    So the PWA Canaries tour has four events again, including Lanzarote, Sotovento and Medano (on Tenerife) this year.
    Medano and Pozo are both wave competitions. Lanzarote and Sotovento see freestyle and Sotovento has slalom racing too.

    This means the 2011 wave tour has five events, and there are seven men's freestyle events this year – same number for slalom.

    PWA tour dates:
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    happy days big sam at west ham

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    Ricardo Campello will compete in the PWA Freestyle and Slalom discipline at Aruba!!!
    4 hours ago
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    Patrik Diethelm and Karin Jaggi are the winners of the first round at the Defi Wind. Read more.
    9 hours ago
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    Beautiful day in Weymouth. 3 days till Sail 4 Gold, getting very busy down here. Final prep now, feeling good.
    12 hours ago
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    Red Bull announces "Red Bull Rockets": Philip Koster is one out of 16 contestants who......
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    Scott at Rat Rigs
    Massive demo this weekend
    May 31, 2011 01:06PM
    Llandegfedd reservoir sees the following happening on Saturday 4th:

    Sam Ross Coaching free for all club members. (Sam was neilson Dahad manager for a few years and is a superb coach - usually you pay 100 per day for this but it's free for club members all day - not a member - no worries join on the day , it's dead cheap !)

    Tushingham Starboard demo with Jamie Gibbs. Plus awesome on the day deals on new, used and demo gear - there will be some never to be repeated prices !

    Fun races and competitions. Weather permitting - at the moment it's looking like NE winds and sunny - perfect for this spot.

    The legendary Gwent adventures barbeque. Eat the cow !

    Well be there from 10-5 hope to see some of you up there!
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