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    Angry EASYJET F**K-WITS (windsurfing baggage related rant)

    So i booked a 'windsurfer' on to a flight to fuerteventura on 25th june with no hold baggage, my gf had booked a suitcase as hold with my boardies in so no need for my own. I got to the easyjet check-in desk at stansted 2.5 hours b4 the flight and was told i had to pay 25 extra. Anyone else had to do something similar? The extra charge was for hold luggage (which i didnt have) which entitled me to 32 kgs for my windsurf stuff. apparently you can only take a windsurfer if you also book hold!

    So this means that if i had taken a suitcase of 20kgs, for example, i could only take 12kgs of windsurf equipment? (avoiding 10/kg excess charges for over 32kg total). not going to get much kit on for that!

    So to summarise it costs best part of 100 for return trip of windsurf kit on an easyjet flight to fuerte! thats for a hold baggage (non-existent) and 32kgs of kit.


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    That is really bad news. Many many times I've done exactly as you have and had no problems (no hold luggage only board bags). Did you have more than one Bag? They tend to see a 'windsurfer' as 1 bag. So generally for a quiver bag + board bag I have booked 2 windsurfers and no hold luggage. a blog about looping

    UPDATED Feb 2016

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    Hope it gets delivered tomorrow ! a blog about looping

    UPDATED Feb 2016

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    Hope you're reunited with your kit quickly.

    To be fair to Easyjet, whilst their policy does seem a little odd, their baggage rules imply and also illustrate by example (though do not actually explicity state) that the sporting goods weight allowance you buy is an extra allowance you purchase on top of your (purchased) checked-in hold baggage allowance. Their TOC are quite explicit there.

    However, their baggage rules also include little pictogram thingies which seem to imply a passenger does not need to purchase a hold baggage allowance and can (as you wanted to) travel just with sporting equipment.

    On the basis of the first 'bloke + skis' pictogram, I think you have a very good argument that you've been misled. You might also argue that if it is not possible to travel with sporting equipment in the absence of booked checked-in luggage, then it's misleading of them to operate a booking process which allows such a booking.

    I think Easyjet would also have a good argument that passengers could be reasonably expected to know that all (or nearly all) UK airlines are a bunch of shysters and the small print should be read very carefully when it comes to baggage.
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    only 1 bag with board, sail, mast, boom and base, ext., harness etc.

    having read the Ts and Cs, i agree they were only doing as per their policy. but i've travelled this way many times b4, probably twice a year for 5 years and had no trouble.

    that picture of the passenger with 'skis' is interesting! may have to show that to easyjet when claiming my refund!

    kit should be here at 3pm just in time for an evening sail i hope!

    thanks for the words of consolation, i defo wont be travelling with easyjet again! thomas cook is defo the way forward as their sporting equipment is considered separate from hold luggage as i understand their policy anyway!

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    Unfortunately the very nature of the 2 big budget airlines increases the chances of problem and pretty poor response or resolution when it does go wrong and as a result I just don't use them. Nothing worse than being without an element of your kit/luggage for the first couple of days of a sporting holiday. Good luck and I hope it all arrives safe and sound.
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    i had the same problem a couple years ago with easyjet. i booked hold and a windsurfer and my 16kg hold bag and 32kg board bag came to 48 kg. would have had to pay over 150. I pleaded that i had no money to pay for it. I genuinely had no idea it would be that much so i got away with it that time but I will never fly with easyjet with windsurf kit again. Funnily enough the Portugese airport people didnt give a toss about extra weight!

    shocking system.

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