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    Windsurfing versus kite waist harness

    Will be getting my first waiste harness for windsurfing but local shop only sells Kite surfing gear. Is there any difference between wind and kite surfing wiste harnesses?

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    I think the Kite ones are a bit tougher and come with more pronounced hooks.
    Graemef would have the definitive answer.
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    I used a kite harness for several years before my current one and have several mates who kite and windsurf and use only a kite harness. No ones ever had a problem. Some kite harness's have more in the way of straps which you need to tighten to get tension on the spreader bar to hold it in place which is fiddlier and some have broader spreader bars to reduce twist which might not suit personal tastes. I've been told, but not noticed, that there are subtle differences in hook shape in windsurfing harness's that reduce the likelyhood of your hook twisting/jamming on harness lines and unfortunate drowning occuring versus kite spreader bars.

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    often the same basic harness with a handle on the back and maybe more angled hook so do it

    they also have way pimper designs

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    I use a women's Dakine harness which is designed for kitesurfing and windsurfing. In terms of fit and support, they are the same, but, as TallJames said, the hook is different, so you have to make sure you get a windsurfing specific hook to use with it. Other than that it's just about making sure you try it for comfort before you part with the cash.

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    Surely the brands are all beginning to go down the route of supplying a one style fits all harness. Makes more sense for them. Simply slap a handle on the back and supply the spreader as a separate item.

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    The Kitesurfing harnesses made by Dakine are triple stitched so they take a windsurf harness and stitch it twice more with additional reinforcement so they take the strains that dangling, arse dragging, groyne and telegraph pole vaulting often bring to the party.

    They are in plenty supply because there is more demand, everyone who tries kiting has to have a harness, not the case in windsurfing although perhaps it should be. They can be bulkier, heavier and more restrictive as a result, but they do the job, just avoid the 'hammerhead' style spreader bar it makes unhooking a tad more difficult because it's designed precisely not to unhook unless you want to.

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