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    Exclamation First freestyle move

    Iv been windsurfing for 8 months and have just got a new 2010 starboard flare 98l and have been using a 78l wave board for 5 months. I can tack and jibe and flat water chop hop. what would be a good first freestyle move to learn?

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    Upwind 360's in the straps on one tack and Vulcans on the other. if you can chop hop, you're ready to grow some grande cojones and loop! probably stick to your wave board for that though...

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    The first aerial freestyle move to learn is the Vulcan. But it takes a long long time to learn so while doing that I'd also try to work on some old school freestyle that will really help you later. For example learning helicoptor tacks really well means that as soon as you can vulcan you will very quickly be able to turn them into spocks.

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    of course the most basic New School trick is the Vulcan and if you nail it you can claim to be "New School" but there are several other little but very basic moves which will help you.
    As it is already said, 360 Upwind is an other basic move.
    Heli Tack,
    Sail backwinded,
    sail switch stance,
    duck the sail and sail clew first,
    sail/body 360

    this are some basic moves you can learn relatively easy in 3-4 bf.
    and learn them both sides, it is very essential.

    vulcan will take you some time to understand how to turn the board around.

    good luck!

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    as your starting out try all moves on BOTH tacks, later in life you'll wish you had,i had to relearn everything on both tacks! not easy!
    go for your vulcans, they are the hardest freestyle move to learn but once you've got it you open a whole can of new moves to follow.

    As above go out in the light wind and do things such as sailing switch, duck gybes, upwind 360's, and more importantly Switch Stance Heli Tacks. This IS identical to the end of the spock!

    Good luck!

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    Throw a push tack in there (good to do in lulls) to get you familiar with some twisty backwinded clew first uncomfortable situations (and how to sail them).

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