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Thread: Fractured Ribs

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    Quote Originally Posted by fretburns View Post
    just got back out on the water after around 8 weeks off,,and ive broken my ribs on the other side exactly opposite,,and i was doing the exact move only going the opposite direction! how can i be sooooo unlucky!!!!!!! pissed off!!!!
    You can't be serious!?! What move?
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    Ribs sore again a year later after lots of jogging and weights

    Hi folks back again - just wonderered what the story with this is - my fekin ribs are really hurting again just the last week - well they feel sore when i sit at my desk - i did a lot of jogging a few 10ks and 5ks sessions and a bit of weights recently... its over a year ago - i guess i should stop running or doing weights... what an absolute c*unt of a thing when i love my sport... or maybe its the cold damp weather... does anyone else get sore 1 year later - they seemed fine for longer than i can remember....
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    Done a few ribs in my time. Yes they can be sore after a year.

    If the pain you get now does not increase with coughing or heavy breathing then it is probably from the muscle around the rib. If you feel pain you cannot train through it and must stop what ever activity is causing it to hurt.

    My advise would be to see a physio as they will be able to identify the problem muscle and work on it.

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    Second that. I got a busted rib after hitting the boom and went to my GP as I was still getting pain at night if I rolled over. He didnt seem too bothered and it went completely after about a year.

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