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    Starboard Flare development

    I thought this interview on the EFPT site about the Starboard Flare was pretty insightful.

    Interesting to hear how the new Flares have changed a lot. (And, no, I haven't got one.)
    Now back in the UK.

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    "The other big change for us was to have other brand’s boards available as our benchmark. It’s very rare for us to do that because we often are ahead in designs to start – thanks to the ability to make a lot more prototypes per year and test with a bigger test team and in more places around the world. However, in freestyle we were not ahead. We needed to swallow our pride and benchmark our designs with others. In hindsight, it was absolutely critical and this really helped us change our minds and change our design direction. We could take the same methodical testing and designing process using the best parts of every board tested. This was the most guaranteed way to get the best possible board that would become the king of freestyle."

    As I said before, the have all gone F2 for 2012.

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