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    Vulcan hand change

    I am consistently landing sliding nicely backward on my vulcans now. The problem is my hand change is not fast enough and as I land, the rig ends up behind me. I then have to try to get it forward which weights my back foot and leads to the tail sinking.

    Any tips on nailing the hand change? I am concentrating on pushing the rig back and across me but don't seem to be making progress.

    I have sailed away from two, but out of about 600 attempts thats not good!
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    you must starting moving your front hand forward while you are still on air not after you landed

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    It's difficult to explain (not least because I'm about 20 years too old to do freestyle!), but you need to pull your (front) hand across your body as you jump - so when you twist your body your hand follows you instead of staying where it is (which is what it sounds like). The weight forward thing is a given, but it will certainly help if you keep your hands in front of you when swtiching so you don't need to haul the sail forwards after the turn because (as you've found) it sinks the tail.

    Probably easiest to see of you watch a video from continent7 or similar - I tend to watch them one frame at a time to break down the moves into bits. And it certainly sounds like you are on the last bit, although it was the one that had me for ages (and still does on occasion).

    Get me the freestyle guru. Please no-one grass up my true level of talent ;-P
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    Yep agree with Paul, sounds like you are not throwing the rig as you pop, so you are sliding with the rig behind you all the time. Just try to think about throwing the rig back from where you came from as soon as you pop and you should be good to go.

    Edit: posted at the same time as ginga, so as above!

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    There's a good tutorial for vulcans on the technique pages here

    I've only pulled off a couple, so haven't quite figured out what I did right but I think extending my front had forward as I popped actually helped. I had been trying to move the rig back earlier so that it was in the right position to pick it up when sliding backwards.

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    I think that your problems could be due to your stance before/when you take off. I have seen this many times when people are learning the vulcan. Usually the problem is that people take off with the rig away from their body; if that makes sense? It is difficult to swap hands when your arms are straight. It often happens when the sailor is a little afraid/uncertain of the move and sail along unhooked for a long time before popping; In that way your weight comes over the tail and your will increase the distance to the rig

    You have to bring your body over the board and the rig close to your body before popping. Once you pop you throw the rig forward at the same time. The hand change the takes place after the throw. The hand change should take place very close to your chest. ie to summarize the rig movement: close to the rig , far from the rig, close to the rig far from the rig :-D
    Try to sail along hooked, then unhook and pop immediately. That will increase your chance of taking off in a proper way.

    good luck

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    i'd agree with yolen, more likely your stance is not upright and over the board

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