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    I'm not sure it cost that much new!

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    With kite gear the old stuff gets a bad press as much of it was dangerous by todays standards (though this will change as things progress and time goes on!)
    Windsurf gear however, seems more like fine wine in some peoples eyes!

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    Circa 1991 i reckon. I very nearly bought a Bic Presto that year (an article in boards on the new fangled drop shape / no nose boards made me bide my time and i bought a vivace a few years later, followed by a Saxo). The Presto was about 450 from memory but the sails would have been 300 ish each back then so there is over a grands worth of old tat for sale at 600. All boards and sails of that ilk have no real value any more. They would still work, especially in high winds, but if you have the skills to sail it then you warrant something modern that would be far better in a much wider range of conditions.

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