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    well at least it has not been BS marketed...

    - optimised to(w)-in angle
    - leading brand for cool grooveriders
    - custom BRG paint job

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    Just go for it!

    Quote Originally Posted by boards_Gabby View Post
    Ooooh, me, I'm near Guiseley! That kit looks interesting, although I'm a bit put off by the missing 'mant'.

    Seriously though, some people can't be bothered to look after kit they've acquired, then they can be bothered to dislodge it from the other rubbish 'by the side of the garage' to check it's condition or to photograph it for ebay, and they can't be bothered to proof read the ebay listing before they submit it.

    When no-one buys it, it will stay there until he moves house or dies. But that's okay, because it will keep the mattress with sticky-out springs, the old sofa, and the ever-accumulating heap of cheap garden chairs with broken legs (in the 'garden', just out of shot) company*.

    *I made that bit up, but judging by the photo it's probably true.
    Gabby! If you are near there... go on.. buy it for 1p. I'll bank transfer you the penny. Saw it up, take it to the dump. Photograph the process, publish the pics here and send a link to the seller. It'll be fun!

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    Yeah, it would be fun, but it would involve me putting skanky boards covered in green slime into my beautiful T5. Not going to happen I'm afraid :-)

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    Fair point! Would have to take place after dark to avoid being seen too!

    Hey.. how bout towing them away on the end of an old uphaul?!!

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    OMG.. as young people are want to say... someone has bid on the Guiseley boards!! Desperately hoping it's a Windsurfing Euthanasiast!

    Anyone want to terminate this swamp thing:
    It's missing the "pole" and the "rubber pivit" is perished but otherwise all good!
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    i am sure the postage on the second lot in the OP is a tad too much

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    Quote Originally Posted by markski View Post
    i am sure the postage on the second lot in the OP is a tad too much
    what one might call a deterrent postage price?

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