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    Yes, then maybe we'd get some aspects of reporting unique to us, like what happened to any Brits that went, why some didn't go who should have, instead of all the stuff that is freely available elsewhere online, cut and pasted in a modern day version of old people in homes cutting up newspaper clippings and pasting them to keep themselves amused which is what is going on here... Oh and your bag needs changing again it stinks, matrons told you about it before.
    You may jest about the idea of pulling all the available info together in one thread but that is what I do for every PWA event, and have done so for a few years now.

    And I see that Windsurfer International has started doing the same thing.

    If I'm on it, then I think you'll find my thread is the most up to date.
    For sure, I could a much better job if I was actually there.

    I actually think the coverage that was available on line was pretty poor for this event. At no point did we get any local info or descriptive passages about what was happening or what the place is like.
    For example, with no live video streaming, the live ticker needs to be written with more background stuff, like wind strength, sail sizes used and so on. Like with a radio play, we need to imagine a picture of what's happening.
    There has been little video stuff too, but I guess there wasn't much action to film. And I guess the budget was pretty limited.

    I liked the Gollito interview though. The four times world champ has learnt to chat to the camera better even though english is not his first language. And it was touching to see how Estredo almost desperately wants his title back after a dreadful season last year which ended with him breaking his arm really badly. To come back this year and win so emphatically is pretty impressive.
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    The Tow In Finals are now on video:

    If that link doesn't work try this:
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    More great pics from the Tow In sessions:
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    Here's some great footage from the Podersdorf event – would have been nice to see stuff like this while the event was still on.
    Nicely done though and the water colour certainly tells you it's a lake.
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    Taty Frans's report from the event for Maui sails:
    Now back in the UK.

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