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    Here's the link to the first single elimination ladder showing today's heats:

    And pics from last night's tow in session:

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    Just to confirm last night's results from the two in event, heat one:

    Nicolas Akgazciyan, Max Matissek and Taty Frans qualify for the final on Monday.

    (Heat two will be held tonight and heat three on Sunday evening.)
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    10:30 The wind is beginning to build and the sailing area is being marked as we speak. Should be a great day of action coming up. Check back at 11:00 for the latest.
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    Noon update from the live ticker (1pm their time)

    13:00 We've got a couple of sailors planing in Austria. Looking good for the afternoon ahead. Next update at 13:15, first heats from 13:45.
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    Looks like they are off pretty soon.

    13:25 The event site is absolutely rammed, the sailors are out warming up now.

    13:15 Competition is going to begin at 13:45 with 7 minute heats. The winds gusting to 17 knots and it's perfect sunshine again.

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    14:01 Red Flag is up again for heat 1.

    13:49 First heat was abandoned. Now in standby for heat 1 again.

    13:48 One minute to the start of heat 1.

    13:47 Red flag is up for heat 1.
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    15:41 The wind has unfortunately dropped again so the heat is abandoned.

    15:37 Mottus opens the heat with an e-slider. Flaka from Fabrizi.

    15:36 Now sailing - Heat 1: Spadea vs Rahbeck Oegelund & Fabrizi vs Mottus.

    15:31 AP flag is down now, the competition is set to begin.

    15:15 Just had a strong gust come through, so we are going to attempt to run a ten minute heat shortly. Stay tuned.

    14:45 The wind hasn't come back
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