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    Freestyle board as a lightwind board.

    I haven't got the energy for freestyle, but am interested in a 100 litre freestyle board as a lightwind board.

    My question is about staying upwind in very light wind. How good are these boards at getting upwind?

    Like I said, I will be doing very little pumping so there will have to be enough wind to keep it planing. I would probably use it mostly with a wave fin or suchlike as almost all the tricks I would work on would be going forwards.

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    I do exactly that with the Fanatic Skate 110, I use sails from 5.3 to 6.9 and I use it purely as a freeride board.

    Planes really easily, goes upwind well and is super easy to sail. You can't go wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boards_ronnie View Post
    I haven't got the energy for freestyle ...
    Like I said, I will be doing very little pumping
    LOL, more or less how I feel about freestyle. Like Amy said to me on the forward loop thread: "less pain and less gain" ... at least we're honest about it

    and on that basis, I think a freestyle board makes a great light-wind partner to a wave board. I use my JP FS 113 as an early planing, easy-going freeride board with a 7m and 27 cm fin. It doesn't get to do much (well, any) popping or sliding, but it does get to catch the odd wave ...

    and also on that basis, my next board down is a 100l FreeWave (WitchCraft Chakra) rather than FreeStyle. So if catching waves is more your priority (rather than say blasting) then I would suggest to go down that route. Obviously you can ride waves with a FS board, but something like a Chakra makes it much easier and more fun.
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    I use a Skate as a windsurfing board. No takas, no flakas. I find it easier and more versatile than previous free-ride type boards and it goes upwind like a witch, at least when I'm sailing it it does because I've learnt how to do it. I originally used a curved freestyle fin but now always use the fin it came with, which is big by current freestyle standards but miniscule compared to what people used to recommend.
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    I've been thinking about this, would 100ltr FSW be better than pure FS for light winds coast sailing 6m-6.5m
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    Quote Originally Posted by snappersteve View Post
    I've been thinking about this, would 100ltr FSW be better than pure FS for light winds coast sailing 6m-6.5m
    It would be different! FS boards are good for manuevre oriented sailing. That doesn't have to mean freestyle, just anything that isn't blasting along as fast as you can in a straight line. The reason I like them is that they bring that small board feel to marginal F4-5 days.

    A FSW is more of a comfortable freeride type blaster - perhaps a bit faster and easier to sail but bigger in feel and not as "up for it".

    I have this sneaking feeling that this summer is going to be one of flat F4-5 rather than the wavey F5-6 of last year so I'm considering getting an FS to make the most of it...
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    Getting upwind isn't much of an issue, even with a small fin. Off the plane you can just rail it like any other board, I can sail mine about in as little as 6-7 knots wind quite happily.

    When planing you have to really drive off the front foot to get upwind, and can't push against the fin. However this is more to do with using a sub 20cm fin, and I'm sure there woudn't be much difference to a FSW if you used the same size fin.

    Stepping onto a freestyle board you'll notice more volume around the footstraps, which makes it feel more stable than a FSW of the same size. It might even encourage you to try some old school tricks, just because the whole thing feels so stable.

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