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    Freestyle Board Allround Suitability

    I'm looking for a board for my Mrs to progress onto and for me to sail occasionally. My wife is ~60kg, just about getting into footstraps, can waterstart but doesn't seem interested in blasting at full speed. I'm ~75kg and have been windsurfing on and off for many years and I've never really been into blasting, preferring carving and trying (failing) a few tricks.

    We have 2 sails - NP Solo 6.5 and 5.5 (though the 5.5 rarely gets used) and currently use a Fanatic Shark 135. We sail 90% of the time on a reservoir but sometimes make it to the coast where its choppy.

    I think my wife could get away with something smaller (she used a Fanatic Freewave 115 in Dahab) and I would like to sail something more lively.

    I've been seduced by the idea of buying a freestyle board of ~ 110l because I hear they plane early and are not difficult to sail.

    Do you think this would be a good option for us? Only downside seems to be the lack of available good s/h freestyle boards.


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    Your wife is only a few kilos more than me and I have a 114 twintip (freestyle board) and an 84 litre wave board. At my weight 114 is a tank and I no longer use it- I would not go bigger than my 84 now (still plane early) and have a good wind range. At 75 kgs for you a 100 litre freestyle wave would work well for more winds (and your Mrs can use it for very light winds). I would also reccomend you get some smaller sails for her- perhaps a 4.5, 3.7 and even 3.3 if you want to sail in more wind! then they can be used as a step down for you.
    It will cost a lot but will get you way more time on the water.
    Take a look at these:

    So ideally look for an 85 litre and 100 litre fsw.

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    Hi BVS Ive got a 2009 jp freestyle 108 in really good condition if
    you are interested. Its a really easy board to sail planes very early
    and is also good for bump and jup

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    I think a step down from a 135 Shark to something around 100-115 is sensible; I'd be cautious about going any further at this point (although in the future, that would be your goal). Freestyle boards are pretty fine all-rounders and a few of us here use them for general lighter wind boards across waves, blasting, freestyle and playing about so would be ideal for what you describe. Which one? Well, there's a question :-) Depends how all-round you want it I guess, but Fanatic Skates, JP Freestyles and Mistral Jokers (maybe? not sure about the new ones) seem to be pretty all round, with RRDs pretty good on flatter waer too. I think the Tabous are a bit specialised and the Goya's actually more of a freewave and could be ideal. Frankly, it could be down to what's available!
    - F2 Discovery, a well worn but great for learning on L=225, W=90, V=225 : 85

    - Starboard Cruiser WindSUP, with leash, 25cm MFC US fin, side-biters and paddle : 295
    :.. well-used with one repair but all sound

    - Powerex Z-Wave 400 drop-shape mast (good condition with bag) : 85

    - Select Lightning 26cm speed fin, tuttle fitting (great condition) : 25
    - F2 Chilli freestyle fin 23cm, powerbox (a bit worn) : 15

    - soft-top surfboard, tri-fin, leash (7'10'' I think) : 100

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    nice house with horses, cats dogs, and bride. USA
    100L + or -

    JP or Fanatic

    K4 Fins 4Boards TRI-sails Sailrepair

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    I agree around 100 litres is going to have quite a bit of buoyancy for your wife.
    It will feel a lot smaller than she is used to initially but anything bigger is likely to get very bouncy and overpowered when she does get going. It sounds as though she is making the transition to planing windsurfing which is always tricky. Folks tend to hold on to bigger boards and smaller sails for too long which holds them back. There was a very good article by Peter hart recently in the ws magazine on exactly this subject!

    I would recommend a more all round shape than a pure freestyle.
    Either a freeride or freestyle wave.
    I thoroughly recommend the rrd FSW as its been such a reliable performer for many a year. There might even be a few available second hand.


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    I've sailed the Fanatic Skate 110 for 3 years now and I find it really easy to sail... I'm about 87kg (depending on how many beers I've had...) and find it really nice with 5.9 and occasionally a 5.3 if the water isn't too lumpy. Gybe really easily and because there is so much extra volume in the tail, it's very forgiving. They are fast in a straight line, but do get a bit bouncy when it gets sloppy. They jump really well and are comfortable to sail.

    Ive used up to a 6.9 with mine, but don't really like big sails.

    I would say sailor weight plus 20-30 litres would be a good stepping stone.... It's a pretty broad guess though as I passed that phase almost 20 years ago.

    Ive just replaced all of my kit except for the Skate, it's the one thing I think is still perfect and doesn't need replacing.
    Waiting for summer....

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