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    The original video looks sort of like this link to Geoff Mccoys Loaded Dome, which is what I have been trying in my surfboards and some WS boards. I think the broad concept is similar, i.e. more rocker on the rails less in the middle. Geoff Mccoy calls it the Loaded Dome - basically a rolled spiral V. This is a 30 year old idea...

    It works, but effects early planing quite a lot so you have to reduce the overall rocker by a substancial margin. It is also difficult to shape well by hand. Or at least I find it tricky to get perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwlbrace View Post
    really? I demo'd one last year and I came away thinking three-s's:


    but then I was told it was really designed for big american pistes, not the icey rat runs in the Alps. Ended up going with a Ride DH2, but fatal error, bought a wide version and need to switch at some point.
    The Banana Magic should be a real allrounder and I really find it exactly that. It is not soft, rather stiff, but not as stiff as my Burton Custom X. The Custom X bites really good on ice but you have to go fast to make it work. Going slow you will not get enough power to the rail to really hold in the carves. With the Magic I can go fast on ice and it holds like the X but I can also go much slower and it holds. Nice thing with the Magic is that it is much better than the X fooling around in the slopes and railing and doing small kickers. In the pow and on big kickers both boards are good but I can stay centered much longer on the Magic in not so deep fresh snow. If it gets deep I have to set the bindings back on both boards. I never had a better board than the Magic for everything and here in Norway we really get everything form pow to ice.

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