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    I think he's back home.. and yep given the chance i'll be jumping on it!

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    Well it's going to be interesting to hear what he eventually says. I might well be wrong about this (and I can't be arsed to search it out), but I do seem to remember Ola once saying something about how there is a definite minimum length for a windsurf board, below which you don't gain anything, and I seem to re-call that he put it at about 220 cm ... but perhaps I've got that wrong.
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    I will speak in time. (But I recall posting some plan shape pics of it already before for those who like to search.)

    But to SB. I can't imagine ever having said any such thing. I could perhaps stretch as far as saying 0 is the minimal length but for us mathematicians even negative length is perfectly natural. So the shortest possible board would then be minus infinity.

    Until I have some more time to write:

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    It looks a bit like a shortcutted classic Starboard Fish from the PRE evo times.
    That board didnt work for me but the idea is very interesting for a biggest board in smallish (sub 2m) waves.
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    Yeah, VERY similar outline, from a distance. The Starfish is over 20 cms longer though...
    That alone might be they will not sail exactly the same...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ola H. View Post
    Yeah, VERY similar outline, from a distance. The Starfish is over 20 cms longer though...
    That alone might be they will not sail exactly the same...
    The main difference will probably be in the fins and toe-in.......
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    There is indeed a minimum length for a windsurf board.

    (And Ola, you did indeed once say so.)

    Not sure what that minimum length is though.

    I remember, not so very long ago, that people were shocked by a board just 2.45m long.
    Back then, people's fears were expressed in terms of "the boom hanging out the back too far".

    The Starboard Fish came a lot later. I tested it for Windsurf mag and can admit now I didn't understand it, at the time. But any surfer today knows what a modern fish is, and they too have got shorter (the boards, not the surfers).

    And I suppose there must indeed be some minimum waterline length for any windsurf board – that still needs to overtake its own bow wave to rise onto the plane.

    Once planing however, or just on a wave, you can go shorter, but the 'getting going' has problems.

    This whole issue is about 'when is windsurfing windsurfing' and 'when is a windsurf board really a surfboard with a sail attached'?

    (Think: body board)
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