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Thread: Upcoming Demos

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    Upcoming Demos

    A thread to be used by Boards editors, forum users, brands, shops or anyone else to share information about upcoming demo days across the UK and Ireland.

    For more information you can also check out

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    Fancy a trip to the Isle-of-Wight? Want to try out Gaastra, Tabou and Vandal 2013 equipment? Sail with one of the top professionals?

    All of the above are offered by Ross Williams in conjunction with 4Boards - Platinum Dealer, Gaastra, Tabou and Vandal. Just give us a call or email

    Bob & Stu -

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    Wishful thinking. You can take the Ireland out of 'UK and Ireland' for now......we have not had a demo day over here for years. Very jealous when we see all the great demo days you guys have in the UK. Be great if at least one brand could make it over.

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    Could you not have words with the shop in Dublin, or maybe Jamie Knox? I would be surprised if none of the uk importers could not arrange some demo kit for the BWA event for instance.

    This is an area sponsored riders could be of great use to distributors. If for instance the RRD or Tushingham teams were to take a little extra kit each to Kerry then stop by at Dublin after the event for an extra day that would be very simple with very little extra cost involved.
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    I've mentioned it to the retailers here about it and it would appear not to be an option. I guess it boils down to the fact that although we have an abundance of great windsurfing venues, we have a very small windsurfing population and perhaps they feel that it would not be financially viable....Im sure the sale of a couple of boards/sails would cover the trip though.

    Good idea re; BWA event. Hopefully one of them will read this and drop over, Im sure none of their pro's would mind spending a few days extra sailing around Brandon bay and making a few quid in the process!

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    Are any shops / importers going to use this thread?

    It seems we're now starting the demo season and it would be useful to have a single place to find out about them....
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    Rye watersports Demo day on the 28th of July, we are going to be showcasing windsurfing boards from fanatic and starboard, and sails from north and tushingham, as well as SUP equipment from both, all free to use at our centre in Rye, East Sussex. Also we are having a barbeque and Ameteur SUP race, plus you will be able to get expert advice from Sam Ross and Nick Baker. Come and join us for a great day !
    Find out more:

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