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    Attachment 7376You are only as comfortable as your weakest point - your hands!
    I know we all look really wierd with our white Ianovated tubes but they solve the cold hand problem and we have therefore agreed with Ian not to swap them over for the better looking black tubes just yet .
    This photo was taken last Tuesday afternoon, it was 5c north easterly - last year (before the tubes) we would not have bothered with that crappy cold on shore wind at the week end, this year we are negotiating out of work to catch it!
    Run your current suits into the ground on the plus 10c days but you need to treat yourself to another suit for the sub 10 days, your are currently missing out on alot of fun.

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    It was after reading this review that I bought one of these wetsuits.
    Having sailed in it I am glad to say it lived up to the apparently impossibly high expectations this review gives us. The suit is the warmest most comfortable suit I have ever had and the hand heating system does stop the hands going cold in the sub 10 conditions. Using the hand heating system is so easy it does not get in the way of your sailing. Amazing.

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    Can't you just strap some tubes onto a normal wetsuit, or sell and adapter kit

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    Unfortunately the system only works by running the tubes along the inside of the suit for most of the journey. Not only does the wetsuit insulate the tubes but the warmth with in the breath is heated up even more by the tubes running next to the warm body and through the pool of warm air inside the wetsuit.
    This breath heat boosting factor is demonstrated when you blow the bit of water out of the tubes after you have fallen in. In the few seconds it has taken you to get back up and going, hook in and go for the mouth piece to bring your hands back to comfort after the dip in the water, the water that crept into the tubes (you don't feel that) blows out warm and your hands are glad of it coming out onto them!

    Stuffing tubes along the inside of an existing winter suit has the following problems.
    1. The neck and wrist seals are disturbed making the suit a very leaky one when you fall in
    2. The tubes are very uncomfortable inside the wetsuit, especially at the point they go down the side of the neck seal.
    3. Any entry point around the neck seal is too close to the mouth to get free and comfortable head movement when using the mouth piece. We take the head movement for granted, any slight restriction to it is really distracting/uncomfortable.

    The Ianovated suit has been designed around the hand heating tubes - a very baggy fit across the shoulders and all the way down the arms facilitated by a dry zip etc, tubes circle round the neck to give free head movement / hold the mouth piece below the chin where you can get to it easily. The extra baggy design appears to deliver a warmer wetsuit than a conventional 5/4mm steamer although that is luck rather than judgment!

    This is a suit to use along side your existing winter wetsuit, in above 10 most of us do not need the hand heating system. Below 10 on the other hand the cold hand battle starts to disturb the sailing. We do not put up with a gap in our sail quiver, the Ianovated suit, as a second winter suit, delivers more enjoyable quality sailing than replacing a sail in your quiver that has died.

    Happy new year

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    Looked at the youtube video, all you can tell is blowing into the tube, for as long as I watched. Looked at the web site and now see the tubes running inside the suit, so the construction and how it is effective , or not, is seen.

    I can't see that having open palm mitts that this would remain effective.

    The real observation I see is quite a lot of heat is lost through the head, OR any exposed area.
    Your body loses most of its heat through skin, so unprotected skin would lose heat in the cold. Your head accounts for about seven percent of total skin area, so you would lose about seven percent body heat through the head. However, it stands to reason you would lose less total body heat by wearing a hat.

    Using the mitts or gloves would obvious eliminate the exposed hands, and the warm air help to overall keep warm. The purpose intended. A neoprene hood/cap would help a lot

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    What about a 'urinator'? that circulates the incontinent seepage that at least one forum contributor openly admits to; this would be an effective use of recycled body warmth and more effective than having the 'yachtsmen's chinos' on a constant hot cycle which is adding to climate change.

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