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    Brilliant news and top job to the team who picked it up so quickly.
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    Hugh, thoughts will be with you, hope it's nothing serious, had a bit of a similar scare and check up myself, tail end of the summer, you're quite right, we are a high risk group for this sort of thing, fingers and everything else crossed for you.. Best of Luck.

    ha edit, missd that last post, phew, what a relief, good, doesn't hurt to be vigilant.

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    It's health and safety gone sane.
    It is what it is.

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    glad its all sorted, and next time i think about heading out without factor 50 i'll remember this thread and what you have been going through and also get busy on my mates who say sun screen is for softees.

    as a foot note mrs markski works in admin at the cancer unit at out local hospital and the nurses and doctors there are amazing and really care about their patients.
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    To wind up this story (in case it's helpful to anyone else). The first sample was indeed positive: the 'atypical' cells were described in the pathologist's report as 'superficially spreading' (as opposed, I suppose, to 'deeply burrowing'), and 'exuberant' (pathologist's jargon I believe, rather than indicating the little buggers were wildly celebrating going off the reservation and disobeying orders from headquarters) - but the second, larger piece of skin excised came up negative, so no messing with my lymph nodes I'm (very) pleased to say.

    Stitches now out, so I hope that's the end of it, apart from monitoring. Thanks again for the reassurances - and once again, everything I've learnt in the last couple of months underlines the value of regular checking of your skin, by you or someone else. I'd no idea I had a basal cell carcinoma in my back until a dermatologist found it, and without someone else picking up on the the Big M, I'd still be nurturing it.
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    I'm a bit like JK, freckles and lived in sunny climes when young, so have to keep checking now, as my father had patches removed from his face in the past, due to not taking care for years.
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