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    Tabou Pocket Wave or FSW Tri-Fin?

    Been considering getting a 2013 Tabou Pocket Wave 93. I want a good all around wave type board that works particularly well in side-on to side shore winds, mushy waves and conditions but; is still fast, quick to plane, jumps well, and will be fun to ride in bump & jump type conditions too. I weigh 90kgs.

    However, after reading the Boards Magazine 2013 90 liter range FSW multi-fin board tests that have just come out, I am wondering if the Tabou Pocket Wave 93 at 233cm and 61cm wide is really just another FSW board? Or, is it definitely more wave riding biased? Perhaps I should just get the 2013 Fanatic FreeWave 95 instead?

    Any comments from any Pocket wave riders or others?



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    Never sailed a new one (sailed a 2007 and liked it) but as a 90kg person I also thought it looked like a good allround south coast board.

    I've sailed a 2010 single fin 85L Fanatic fsw and it was like a slalom board very very stiff to turn (it had a standard fin). Perhaps the new tri fin versions are a different shape? a blog about looping

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    You could consider a whole lot of issues, such as: what other boards do you have ? where do you normally sail ? what sail sizes do you want to use with it ? how do you prioritise say jumping v riding ? and you could agonise over the decision till the cows come home ...

    Ultimately the only way to know for sure is to try before you buy.

    ps I have used the Fanatic FreeWave 95 thruster and I can honestly say that it's a very nice board indeed. I would myself consider it as my bigger board (I'm 84 kg) to go with my smaller all-round wave-board (82l) to be used with my 5.7 and 5.2 in a mix of b&j and waves up to head high.
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    I think if it's your small board go multifin waveboard, if your bigger one a tri fin FSW is probably the way to go if your prioritising wave performance. At 93 l I guess it's your small board, so go wave.

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    the Boardseeker test is out now as well on these, complete with the graphs

    I certainly think that the Pocket Wave is one of the more bump & jump oriented "wave" boards. As well the Witchcraft Chakra more wave than FSW, but the tests doesn't show that. Some of the the boards in the test group are re markedly shown low in some areas . Having ridden many different 3S, I don't see it as a freeride platform. So the test is driven by the preference of a few and maybe should be taken more so as a guide, but usefull.
    The Fanatic writeup is certainly glowing making most pale by comparison. They have in past NOT marketed a tri, because it wasn't better, seems times have changed

    I do think the tri fins with the newer development ( Witchy always have been) are making a serious statement with little distraction.

    as always Boards forum advise will branch out and decipher which size is correct as well question the motive and application
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