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    Having read both summer and winter editions I do think they are both very good to the market they are trying to attract, but on the other hand they are to flat water OR wave bias. I found the wave edition the best mag to date but I admit that I would not by the flat water edition because of its content. There are reasons for this but I feel it is a shame their is such a divide. Would the middle ground not equate to more allround sales figures? JT

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    Okay- relative newbie feedback:

    enough of the fin thing... we get it; we're on Chapter 10 'four fins good, two fins better.'

    So some positive suggestions:

    - a serious article on MCZs and impact for windsurfers, someone at the RYA press office would possibly write it for you

    - a look at one board quivers- especially FSWs vs the new wide, thin jobbies Firemove, Kode 120 and Gecko from folks who have spent a bit of long term time on them

    - an article on cams vs no cam in the 7-8.5m territory (sure this has probably been done to death, but I'm still quite new and can't decide if I like them or not)

    - a detail on board widths... when i first ever windsurfed everyone discussed board length; then I came back to find volume as the primary metric. I've only discovered through trial, error, expense and colloquial advice how essential getting the right board width is to your chosen style of sailing.

    - ding tests... why are some brands or models far more resilient than others. My technora Kode is far more impact resistant than the technora Carve I had. Or let's be frank... one tap was all it took to take the nose out of the latter, yet I've royally abused the Kode in crimes against windsurfing style and panache. And don't get me started on RRD fragility.

    - I would say an article of the differences between the various stakeholders of the olympic windsurfing gig and what their roles and responsibilities are- Neil Pryde is NOT the RS:X association, ISAF is not the same as the RYA etc but frankly it would be a waste of copy as no one seems vaguely interested.
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    How about an article about what to look for when buying used kit, how old or new to go and the benefits and a rough guide to the costs as most newcomers would want to buy a stepping stone board, which ones would suit.
    Advantages of buying new sails etc over used and the things to look out for if buying used.

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    How about a review / summary of the best weather links, predictions, windspeed meters etc? You could also build them into the website nicely, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each.

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    I would like to see an article on the Cobra factory. Going around different aspects of the plant and the construction of the kit right through to the supply chain and distribution. As well as seeing what is involved in making our toys, quality control, different brands areas and build etc it would also go some way to realising why they cost what they do.
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    The Olympics - windsurfing nearly got removed, so what do they have to do to improve the chances of staying in the Olympics? There seems to be a lack of TV viewers for the sailing and kiting seemed to be approved because it was more dynamic and a better show. Are they going to try to change the windsurf show or leave it as it is and hope for the best?

    I suggested downwind slalom with some flowing freestyle tricks would have much greater TV appeal. The boards could be pumped onto the plane or round the course if the wind was too light for tricks and as the wind increased, the tricks could be added - tricks that can be planed out of, such as the Flaka or forward loop.

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    I am with Jamie T but the othe way round, if you get my drift...
    I sail Inland all the time and have no real interest in wave sailing. I have bought both magazines and have hardly touched the winter edition as it just does not float my boat and I won't be buying it next year. However the spring edition is almost worn out through use.
    I think in the interest of your sales surely a bit of a compromise with both styles would make more sense and then I can look forward to purchasing both mag's
    Also could we have some more Inland testing with light weight and Heavy weight sailors and a few comments on the bouyancy effect of freshwater?

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