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    Delivery companies

    Looking to tap into the forum knowledge pool; Sending a sail from East Sussex to West Country, can anyone recommend a decent courier company. I've sent a sail before and I can't remember who I used, but I remember that courier companies offer different services depending on where you are. Ideally I want one that will pick up rather than me having to go and drop it off at a depot.

    Also, it's a small sail with boom length 153cm. Anyone sent sails via Royal Mail?
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    I've sent a few with parcelforce and never had any probs, they have a max length of 150cm, but I've sent up to 180cm with them, just smile and chat to the man picking it up and all's fine.

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    992, or will do it.

    should be under 10.

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    Thanks guys. Will check them out.
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    Sorted with p4d - thanks Matthew! Lady in the PO got her tape measure out and gasped when she held it against my packet. Apparently it was very big and too much for her.
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