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    OT - Wilko Johnson

    Tacking is the new gybing.....

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    Makes a pleasant change from all that "battling the big c" guff, but then Wilko was always a bit special.
    It is what it is.

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    The best thing on the Today programme since Jim Naughtie got Jeremy Hunt's name wrong.
    Siamo nella merda

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    What a hero. Been following him since the London pub music days, and the Feelgood tribute band is still a great night out.
    TFTD got binned after that interview for a few tracks from Down By The Jetty to get me in the mood for an all day workshop

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    Heard this on the radio whilst driving. I've a "colourful" friend who's lived a bit and has a very similar accent and attitude; listening to Wilko was uncanny, and mesmerising. A very emotional and warm interview and when his voice cracked when he talked about his wife, I almost had to stop the car. Will be listening to that again.

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