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    Getting weight forward in chop?

    Does anyone else struggle to make spocks etc when the water isn't flat?

    I find on flat water I can get my weight forward and my spocks attempts are much more likely to suceed. In chop I end up not able to get the weight far enough forward and either get thrown out of the backdoor, or end up just doing a vulcan.

    I find I only make spocks if I can get my weight as far forward as possible, and I just can't seem to get into that position if the water is choppy. Anyone got any tips?

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    cant offer any tips because i only made my first spock yesyerday (apologies for the shameless gloating),

    I have exactly the same issue when i try to vulcan in chop and always end up with the rig back behind me. i also notice that it takes much longer from getting unhooked to going for a move in chop. Are the two things connected?
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    It is always more difficult in chop. My best tip would be to sail shortest time possible not hooked in. Ie., avoid sailing long distances hooked out, but rather hook out and do your trick immediately.. When sailing unhooked many people have a tendency to move their weight backwards and open the sail which puts in the bad position for many freestyle tricks.

    Another trick when doing spocks in chop is to hold the boom firmly with your mast hand before take off in order to have a lot of mast foot pressure. In order to put pressure on the mast foot you are forced to move your weight forward.

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