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    Ich will shaka!!!

    Please help me

    I would really like to learn the shaka. Can you please tell me how to initiate the move. Once airborne I think that I can easily finish the move because I can do the flaka.

    This is my non-functional plan :-D

    When trying the move I try to go a little downwind in order to get speed and ease the coming upwind carve by reducing the pressure in the sail. I spot a chop and open the before carving. I try to carve using only the front foot. I try to lean forward and carve on the heel. I think if ragging the rig backwards. Once I hit the chop I try to pull with the backhand and push with the fronthand. The outcome is either a too slow carve or something which resembles a failed shove-it spock. Please help.

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    Better late than never here.

    ContinentSeven has just posted a shaka in their moves section.

    This is Bubble doing a shaka off chop at what looks like Podersdorf.
    It's not a high one but the nearness to the camera shows the move and technique in real world conditions that many will be learning in:
    Now back in the UK.

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    This is the move I want most to do off all moves possible. I am trying them but struggle just to get the pop. I think I go with to little speed and turn to much into the wind. I also think I have to work with coming over the board in the same move as the carve to pop. The video from basher shows this like one movement.

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