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    2013 freestyle boards - one person's view

    The 2014 freestyle boards are about to appear but that's not stopped New York windsurfer, Mike Burns, from trying out and reviewing several of the 2013 shapes.

    One person's view, but pretty interesting:
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    If you own any of these boards, it would be great for you to comment on that test.
    I'm always a bit cynical about one person reviewing several brands like this - and Burns is a fan of the Skate - but his comments seem fair to me for the boards I have looked at and seen sailed by pros in Cape Town for their winter training.

    What gives this write up some credibility for me is the criticism of the mast track and foot straps and rails on the Starboard kit. Funny then, that those are exactly the three changes made to the Starboard Flare 101 for their 2014 version.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Good review, but he is a bit biased towards Skate, and considering many of the other boards share the same dimensions the difference is probably not as great as implied. Not sure what fins were used, ideally should be same fin.

    He is missing Rodeo and Patrik which are much more innovative shapes than the traditional ones listed... which is a shame!

    I also rode the flare and twister, and felt twister was similar to his description of the JP...

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    Really surprised the 2013 Twister got such a poor review. I was using it out on holiday and it is the best freestyle board I've tried so far. Am seriously tempted to get one!

    This might be down to my basic freestyle skills doing Spock/Grubbies rather than the more advanced stuff.

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    reading that makes me want to get one and start dabbling in Vulcans etc again. Trouble is I live too far away from flat water. The beaches close to me are far too choppy for a numpty like me to learn freestyle, as I found first time round! It's also a criminal offence to drive away from a wave beach to find flat water

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    I have the 13 JP Freestyle 107.

    I've had a few sessions on it now with Choco B-72 18.5 fin and 12 Gaastra Pure 5.4/4.8 sails. I am 89 kg's. When I bought it I had both 12 Starboard Flare 101 and 07 Tabou Freestyle 110. My first time on the JP I noticed that it planes up very easily, and it takes a lot to stop it from planing. Compared to the Tabou it feels more slippery over the water and like it has an extra gear. I remember a "wow!" feeling when going switch, I kept so much speed! I quickly learned to gecko on this 228 cm board. When heli-tacking I must take care to power up the sail carefully and place all the weight on the back foot (which is placed right in front of the front foot straps), to avoid nose diving. That is OK. But I had some problems today with nose dives when powering up the sail to sail away from vulcans.. still I nailed many today in choppy conditions. Even had a very flat spock rotation out there and the rails didn't catch. The board is quite spinny and I now find that I must be careful not to sheet in the sail too hard when taking off, or else I'll find myself over rotating into a spock crash.

    I don't use bigger sails than 5.4. I get early planing super powers with the Pure set on MaverX Stilo 300 400 cm. Luff is 436 but I set it at 432, and the leech is completely tight. I outhaul till tension is felt. This gives lots of batten rotation, but it rotates fine when I give it a pump. I must say the Pure works surprisingly well on the MaverX mast.
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    Very interesting test to read. I wonder how tabou achieved such a board with the team they have...
    Still all the tabou riders I have seen sailing (Frans, Ruenes, Albert, Scheffer) were on the 90 which is already quite big (63cm wide). I remember also a talk with tonky where he was telling me he would have preffered "simpler" tail shape without the "brocken" outline.
    I wonder as well why there is so much difference in the planning ability of the boards? Or more precisely why brand like Naish, Tabou, Goya keep trying funky stuff on the design that obviously only create extra drag?!

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