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    Board choice advice please: light, medium & high wind boards

    Good morning!

    I am writing to seek some advice please.

    I am a female windsurfing - body weight about 65kg - 70kg

    I am looking to upgrade my quiver to a very light wind board, medium wind board and a high wind board.

    Current quiver is:
    Naish Nitrix 125lt (mine - nice but cannot gybe too well)
    JP Slalom V 123lt (boyfriends - very nice, very comfortable and progressing my gybes well now using all the time!)
    RRD freestyle wave 90lt (boyfriends - nice but i think a little small for my first short board)

    So I think I am looking for something like the following for my quiver:
    145 - 150lt for very light wind days - 10+ knts (with our 7.8 - 9m sails)
    110 - 130lt for 15+ knts so uphaulable (with our 6m - 7.8m sails)
    95 - 110lt for high wind days (with our 4 - 5.5m sails)

    I can waterstart well, and in footstraps of all boards but the slalom.

    So..the slalom board...I have recently starting using JP Slalom V 123lt board and I am loving it - I have improved my gybes considerably however I am struggling to get into the straps. I feel so comfortable on it - far less tippy than my nitrix - so comfortable I am happy to go far out to sea however on the nitrix i generally stay close to shore. It has boosted my confidence considerably! I haven't been able to gybe my nitrix at all but since the first time on the slalom board I have made every gybe - however slowly! they are improving at a great rate! I now default to taking my partners slalom board out over mine every time - thats ok whilst he is away but we need to come up with another solution when he is back!

    Now I assume perhaps I am getting on so well with the slalom because the slalom board has more volume at the back of the board so giving me more room and stability to swap my feet positioning for the gybe? I might be wrong? I love the control of it when I am planing, but when the wind drops I am also very comfortable waiting for the next gust to hit. I feel so much more comfortable on the slalom than the nitrix.

    In summary I am wondering what my light - medium wind flat water board choice should be. Should I find a race or slalom style board around the 120 ltd or perhaps go for something like a fire move about that volume? Could that have the same feel? I would be putting it with a 6.5 - 7.8m sail. Is the width that I am enjoying about the slalom board? I am happy to work on getting into the straps for the slalom board - on top of the front one already so improving all the time!

    As for very light wind days I was thinking sometime like the 140 firemove, or the 150ish JP super light? Any advice on this would be very useful. Probably will be using our 7.8 Severne or bigger with this board. Oow this board needs to be a max of 270cm to fit in the van - sorry a girl on her own cannot be doing with climbing on the roof of a vito to take on and off roofbars and boards!

    Short board wise I guess I quite like the RRD freestyle wave we have but a bit more volume would be good. I think i am very open to ideas here. I am not sure of the difference in the shorter boards - however I won't be wave riding perhaps a little bump and jump but that would be it.

    Boardwise I prefer Naish, JP, RRD or Mistral but I am open to suggestions.

    I would very much welcome suggestions & guidance, and perhaps an understanding of why I am getting on so much better with the JP slalom.....

    Thanks in advance


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    I think you may be just finding the width of the slalom board the factor that makes you feel more stable and that is a clue to deciding on your quiver. Go by width rather than volume. It is the width that provides stability. I fear that when ( if) you get back into the straps on the slalom board ( the board will not fully release until you do), you may find that style of board a bit too frantic for your current stage of progress.
    At your weight I would suggest you go for 70 wide ( probably 120 litres) as your light wind board. Medium wind c 62cm. Strong wind 57cm. Look at Freemove, freeride and FSW type boards rather than slalom.

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    I agree with the recommendation of freeride boards rather than slalom. Freeride boards are supposed to be toned down slalom boards whereas freemove boards are toned down freestyle boards. Sounds to me like you'd be looking at Freeride.

    You need something wide with the option of setting the straps inboard for control. For the middle of the range, I'd look at one of the new style wide, thin boards and lob off 5 or 10 litres from your range - say 105-115l. I have the Fanatic Gecko and it does everything the box says - gybes easily, has the stability of a bigger board and is probably faster in an intermediate's hands than a slalom board. There's an equivalent RRD that gets rave reviews, the JP Magic Ride and a new Starboard that are similar. For the big board, perhaps also look at one of these style boards.
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