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    Repairing holes in the hand

    I'll put this in the technique thread?!
    ive got holes in my hands from this weekends sailing and need to get back out as soon as possible. What's recommended to speed up the healing. I remember in dahab the holes just grew and grew with the salt water. The wounds are right on the pads of the palms. So also any tips on how to cover it up if I do go out- duct tape over plasters?

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    duct tape is always an option, with a soft pad underneath to cover the cuts. use half-width strips. go for a bandage style two-directional wrap around your thumb/wrist. Avoid having a tape edge running left to right across your palm as this will ruck up on the boom and cause more damage and pain!!
    But in reality, not much will work. you need to just take it until the wind goes away!! Wearing gloves is a good option, with plasters or tape underneath.
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    Hi Willmort, I picked up a bar of 1oz Climb On! on the recommendation from someone here, popular with climbers and they really put their hands through it, not cheap @ 10 for 1oz bar but well worth it. Got mine from company called Banana Fingers but it's also on fleabay. Great stuff!!

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    First, have a long shower until perimeters of holes go white and soft.
    Trim the edges back with nail clippers so that the whole wound is as flat as possible.
    Get an iodine based topical oinkment, apply to the hole, cover with waterproof plaster.
    Leave for a day, or until you sail again if less than a day.
    Then leave open overnight for one night, and you should be good to do.

    When you go in the water it might feel like you are going to be in for a lot of pain, but this iodine/softening treatment gets things on the mend REALLY quickly, and if you're careful, sailing with semi healed holes doesn't adversely affect the healing - in fact it aids it.

    Climb-on is very good, I have had terrible holes throughout my windsurfing days and that was the best thing I tried until recently when Mrs Arf took a look at the ingredient list of climb-on, decreed the ingerdients to be cheap and said she could make much better stuff.

    She made some stuff, and I've not had a hole since. In fact since she made it, I've had 3 days on the trot, 2 in storm conditions on the 3.3, 3 hours in waves yesterday, that nuking sail at Joss a few weeks ago - possibly the most tightly packed together 'extreme' sailing sessions I've ever had.. and you should see my hands, they are in tip top shape. We plan to make a large batch and start selling the stuff within a few months.
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    Thanks guys climb-on ordered and will pop to pharmacy to see if i can get some iodine

    Damn this british wind, and damn these office hands

    Think i'll also have to buy a new boom as it got mullered in the shoredump the other day and I think its the ripped up grip that made it worse...

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    Acquire some of the minicompeeds that are meant for hands or your toes. Make sure your hands are dry and not greasy from moisturiser or similar or they wont stick well. Stick em on, duck tape tape over the top and wear gloves. They should stay on for a 2-3 hour session in the UK no problems.

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    Like others say, and Rod switched me onto, for preventative action moisturize, and do pullups.

    The TallJames method is the best i've found, once my hands have stared to crumble.
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