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    Iodine gauze and a plaster, works pretty much within hours, softens the hard bits and allows it to heal rather than crack. It is not painful like some people tend to think

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    Prevention is better than cure ( too late now for OP I know!). But how? Personally I do not suffer with hand damage even after extensive and repeated windsurf sessions but I do work with my hands a fair bit ( hobbies rather than work!) and spend time on the water virtually whenever there is wind. Most have lifestyles that do not involve much manual work so the skin on their hands is unlikely to be robust. At the same time it is not easy to determine whether keeping skin soft and flexible with moisturising treatments is the right tactic or whether some other form of conditioning to toughen the skin would be more effective. When I helped on a farm as a kid, the farmer reckoned that pig's urine toughened the skin on your was actually quite difficult to avoid working on a pig farm anyway!
    I also wonder whether different types of boom grip ( i.e the material) have an impact on wear and tear on the hands.

    If I suffered problems like the OP I would definitely use some form of tape as a preventative measure.

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    I think it is different types of sailing that have an impact on on wear and tear on the hands. Wavesailing in big waves and gusty winds - jumping high and landing hard all really shred hands in a way that cruising in a harness in the most ballistic wind never can. a blog about looping

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    On a training week at Marsa Alam, Simon Bornhoft recommended these: Anselll Hyflex Utralite gloves.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I found they worked well. Best with the fingers trimmed with scissors

    Very thin and very robust and best of all cheap at 4 a pair. Much better than cycling or windsurfing gloves because they are so thin. No effort to wear and so you wear them.

    So good for prevention or to protect blisters once you've got them. They come in a range of sizes - smaller and tight fitting work best. size 8
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    Quote Originally Posted by rod View Post
    Hmmm hmsgeoff. I told you I do pull ups?!?
    ah, no just the hand cream bit, I think.
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    Does anyone else sand paper their callouses? I saw one of the pro's doing this and tried copying him - it does eem to work to some extent, in that they seem less liley to tear off at a later session.
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    yes I 'sand paper' my windsurfing callouses, but I use a nail file rather than sand paper. After sanding them I put moisturiser on. This works well for long term maintenance if you sail a lot. I haven't had any real problems with my hands since living here, despite about 150 sessions a year.
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