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    Quote Originally Posted by Harald View Post

    But you don't write anything about the test panel body weight. I see that the 90 litre boards were well liked. Those boards are well suited for sailors around the 70 kg mark...then it is no surprise that you don't like the big boards very much and give the 90 or 100 better planing!

    Even a learner at 70 kg wouldn't buy a freestyle board bigger than 100! A skilled sailor at 80 kg would not own a freestyle board bigger than 100! But at 90 kg I need some thing bigger. I believe that I will benefit from JP and their R&D with Steven van Broeckhoven. He is 87 kgs. 've had the '13 JP Freestyle 107 for a couple of seasons. This year I'll have the new 106....

    I totally agree. I weigh 90 kg and for me the 106 JP clearly planes earlier than the 99 Skate. This isn't necessarily the case for a lighter rider who would just be on too big a board.

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    It would be cool if you could make a similar list for each volume category, like scoring just the 105-111 liter boards against each other.

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    Has anyone sailed the Goya freestyle board, any thoughts on it ?

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