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Thread: more spock

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    Try and get your old backhand onto the boom immediately to make the hand switch happen quicker. You'll then get more control of the rig as you spin.

    The old backhand should give a little pump as you pop, then straight away go onto the boom (over the old front hand).

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    ok thanks. For sure my hand switch too slow at the moment !

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    Im no expert at the spock but im slowly getting better at it and landing a few each session. For me the hand transition is one of the main things, try to be fast and finish it in the air. Then compared to the vulcan i really have to lean a lot more forward and didnt realize how straight i was standing until i saw a video of my attempts. Then i was lucky enough to sail with Sarah Quita and her crew when they came here this spring. They pointed out that one of my main mistakes was that i was going to far downwind so when i was landing my first rotation i didnt have much time to position myself for the second rotation.

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