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    Need new board - intermediate with 3 years experience

    New to the board here, and also looking for a new board.

    Current board is a Starboard GO 165L. I have had it 3yrs now and it is what I have learned on. It's great but I think I've got everything I can out of it. I have progressed to the point where I can waterstart, plane in foot straps, and gybe (I fall off the plane, but I can usually make it around). I am looking for a freeride board. I mostly blast back and forth through chop and am working on planing gybes. The typical wind speed I am in would be a little over 15kts-25kts. I do sometimes head out in less than 15kts for a cruise.

    I want to move to a smaller board. I am used to such a wide board (92cm) that when I try my friend's shortboard I have a bit of trouble balancing. I was thinking perhaps JP Magic Ride 118. Maybe X-Cite Ride 125? I would still like to be able to up-haul the sail if I need to. And I'd like to be able to slog home (where I live the wind can die in an instant).

    I'm 175lbs by the way.

    Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to spend $1500+ on a new board and then hate it or not be able to use it!
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    At the risk of being called a *borg lover I'd have a look at the AtomIQ. I have the 110 version (I'm 95kgs) and find it a fantastic and stable blasting platform with very good turning ability. This has recently replaced my 121 Carve, which I thought was pretty unbeatable but the AtomIQ has done this easily. I can't believe how smooth it is over chop and how hard you can crank it round. A truly beautiful board.

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    Hi, welcome to the forum. So 175 lbs is about 80Kg, at your weight you would probably want to drop down to a smaller board about 80cm wide. I would also recommend starboard - something like a Carve as mentioned (very good boards)? but other makes will do the job - Fanatic Hawk, JP Xcite Ride, RRD etc. they are all pretty similar really providing they're fairly recent models. You've already tried one about that size which is good, as you'll have something to compare against. I wouldn't bother buying brand new (but that's just me).

    The new freemove boards (Atom IQ, Gecko, Firemove) are supposed to be good at planing over chop, and easy to gybe, however I have read that a few people think the more traditional freeride shape is better for balancing and sailing whilst not planing - so they may be more appropriate for you. Once you get comfortable on that size maybe also buy something smaller, for when the wind really gets up.

    If you buy second hand you could get two boards at different volumes/widths for the price of one brand new one and then be covered for most wind strengths. If you can already waterstart then you could use the smallest board in stronger winds, but go back to the bigger board if the wind drops. A good combination could be - 140-130 litre freeride about 80cm wide and a 115-105 litre FreeWave 70-65cm wide. With practice you could easily uphaul the largest, and with loads of practice you could uphaul the smaller one as well, providing the waves/chop aren't too bad.

    Most people would probably recommend keeping your current largest board (if you can), as that will be best to practice on in light non-planing winds. Best advice is to try as many as you can before you buy.
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