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    North Platinum Boom front end broken?

    I noticed a lot of flex in one of the boom arms when I took the back end off this afternoon where it joins the head piece. Hopefully you can see the movement in the pictures.

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    I took the grip off in the area but can't see how the arm is attached to the head there. Is this normal? It's only on the one side, the other is solid. How would I go about fixing it?
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    Based on your picture I would say that the tube is bonded into the headpiece and that bond has failed. If the boom arm has play I would imagine twisting it may enable it to be removed completely from the would then have the job of re bonding it. I don't know what they use to do that initially.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I had another fiddle with it. It only really moves in one plane in and out, it will twist a few degrees but no more and I can't separate it.

    I may try to reset it with some thickened epoxy but would worry it would just crack. I've emailed North as well so hopefully they will reply soon.

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    Ended up filling it with thickened epoxy as far into the joint as I could then a wrap of carbon over the top. Should have filleted the step a bit better but was in a rush but seems solid enough.

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