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    RDM mast extensions, chat room.

    I've written a few times about RDM mast extensions and how many of the early ones were breaking or bending in extreme wave conditions.
    The underlying problem is the small diameter of extension tube needed to fit inside an RDM mast, and how that tubing diameter isn't ideal for strength, no matter how thick you make the wall of the tubing.

    This is a thread to keep us up to date on what's available – and what we like and don't like.
    Add your own comments about this important piece of gear, perhaps based on what you use.

    I have several RDM extensions but now use carbon ones exclusively, to keep the extension weight down. Some will prefer aluminium extensions, if only because they bend rather than break – meaning when you have a problem, you can still sail home.

    My MK extension is a good value one, at about 50 quid – and it's also the lightest, at about 400grams, with collar and rope. I tend to use this extension in flat water conditions, or set at a relatively short length if in shorebreak or waves.
    My two Chinook carbon extensions have been pretty reliable and feel stronger than the MK one so far, and the middle size Chinook extension available extends the mast to 32 cms, which is 2cms more than the standard (30cms) size. In this 32cms size, the Chinook weighs about 500grams with collar and downhaul rope. Price about 100.

    I have this week treated myself to a Severne Grenade RDM extension, after seeing one in Surfladle (my local shop).
    This extension extends the mast to 36cms – which is very useful if you are travelling with limited mast sizes. The Severne extension is also made with thicker wall section and with a 1 or 2mill bigger tube diameter, meaning it should be stiffer and stronger than the others I have.
    But that extra material in the tubing plus the stainless steel lower sleeve, mean the extension weight comes out at about 600grams with collar and rope.
    Priced at about 140 in the UK.

    One last thing worth mentioning:
    People obviously use mast extensions to lengthen their masts and the chosen extension setting measurement is usually (but not always) taken from the base of the extension (where it sits on the U/J) to the top of the collar, where the mast sits. The markings given, should correspond to that measurement.

    But this is not the same as the extension needed for downhaul. The pulley positions on each extension base will actually determine how low you can downhaul your sail for any extension length chosen – and that downhaul amount varies from extension to extension as the height of the pulleys varies on the base fitting.

    That's worth remembering when you try to match any downhaul guidelines given on your sail.
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    The relatively new challenge for all mast extensions seems to be people sup sailing. Even a thigh high wave can wreck your kit if it manages to get a hold on a moderately sized sup. The amount of force produced is loads more than when a similar wave pushes your average wave board towards the beach.

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    Solution, use the Maverx carbon extensions.
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    Solution to what?
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    To having to carry on with this thread. a blog about looping

    UPDATED Feb 2016

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    Perhaps a few more details might be helpful?

    Available from where?
    Lengths available.

    I wasn't even aware MaverX were making extensions.
    There's nothing on their site.

    The more brands and types we have, and the more detail, the better.
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    Sorry, I'm being dumb here. You guys mean the Witchcraft extension, right?

    Is that actually available, or were just a few made?
    If we can buy one, what price are they, what weight, and what length do they extend to?

    I also understand that Streamline have a newish carbon extension to match their much-copied aluminium ones – or new since I last had the aluminium one.
    Can anyone give details – or their personal experience – of the carbon version? Is it strong?
    I've seen the marketing stuff which says they are 26% lighter than the aluminium Streamline extensions – but how light actually are they?
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