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    I remember going to Maui in 1996 and was sailing at one of the slalom beaches. Dunkerbeck came from the distance going what seemed like twice as fast as everyone else. One hell of a career in top flight racing for many years. A lot of the time the rest must have been racing for 2nd as their goal.
    I'm not too surprised to seem him retire from racing given the recent lighter wind events where results have counted. When it stops being fun its time to stop. His speed event seemed popular.

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    I assume sponsorship will now dry up if he is not visible on the circuit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    Well I'm glad you are reading the Gossip thread.

    At the same time, you might like to work back in there and see what is on windsurf – and all the stuff that is not.

    As it happens, I don't read windsurf's stuff online.
    i don't read that thread it is not inclusive and you get a right titty lip on if someone else post's in it
    yet you know if someone is mentioning you in the windsurf forum ? mmm are you physic Bill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max_ View Post
    i don't read that thread it is not inclusive and you get a right titty lip on if someone else post's in it
    yet you know if someone is mentioning you in the windsurf forum ? mmm are you physic Bill
    Kind of difficult to read when it's pretty much full up with this poster is on ignore..

    It's not a 'gossip' thread in the true sense, it's a thread designed to repeat news from elsewhere and ensure one individuals post count continues to increase at an exponential rate commensurate with his ego, delusional nature and worsening of the narcissistic personality disorder.
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    The "Gossip of the day" thread is Bill Shorts delusion of being a vital part of the young worldwide windsurfing community. He is just like the people watching every episode of east enders and believing they have a central part in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerb View Post
    The end of an era. What a fantastic champion of our sport for so long. Some of his recent blogs suggested he was getting increasingly fed up with light wind venues for slalom events so I am not surprised he has quit. Presumably he will now focus more on the speed events. I managed to see him in action in Brighton when the tour came to the UK. His board speed was phenomenal, visibly quicker than anyone else.
    Yes end of an era ?. Dunkerbeck and many from 20 years ago ,Naish,JP,Baker,etc etc are recognizable Characters (super cool) great for the sport .Unlike the souless yes men of todays PWA , couldnt even tell you their names their so UN-inspiring . Real shame great sailor Dunkerbeck sadly missed .
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    2× ISA Speed World Champion 94/05
    Dabei hatte er über 100 Einzelsiege im PWA Worldcup und ist als erster Windsurfer 41-facher Weltmeister in den verschiedenen Disziplinen.
    Now back in the UK.

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