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    I don't disagree with anything you say MikerB. But keeping the board flat through manouvres is a number one priority exept for non-planing pivot turns. So people should do whatever it takes to achieve this.

    For me putting the back foot far forwards works most of the time, although clearly not for waveriding, and I admit that the habit of keeping the back foot far forward have probably made it more difficult to master tight bottomturns with back foot in strap without getting tailheavy and stall. But for most sailors I believe a fast planing gybe will be a big achievment in itself and front side wave riding will anyway never find a place on the agenda.
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    I do think that it helps when you're learning to put the foot close to the front strap on the leeward rail. Keeps the rig forward on the board. As you get better, you can start moving around and compensating with the rig and straight front arm.

    One other clarification I have is to be careful of waiting for the rig to pull on your back hand. In fast gybes, you have to stall the sail and then throw it around, not wait until the wind pushes it around. The faster you're going, the more effort it is to force the sail to stall (hence the laydown for very fast gybes). Stalling the sail happens pretty much automatically at the downwind point if you keep the rig sheeted in but a little scoop into your shins or a brief dip a bit closer to the water also helps. As soon as it goes neutral, you then throw it around to the other side.
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    the foot position depends alot on the board size and type.

    Often i do not even change feet While gybing down wave, just keep swicht stance, then it i way faster to make huge backwinded smacks og swicht takas Which feels awesome.

    But for foot position, just do not place your feets so you cannot flatten the board.

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