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l cant upload the Picture of it but it is a MAXX RİDE 62. it sais boyancy up to 90kg read short board safty rules.. so does this mean its a 90 litre ? l heard it is a 104 ?
it has a swept back fin on it that sais freeride convert. and on the rails it sais sais advance hull Dynamics ?
so what type of board is this ? FSW ? WAVE ? FREESTYLE ? BUMP AND JUMP FREERİDE ?
more importantly will it do the job for me learning how to use a low volme board so l can go and get a new one after lm confident that lm good anough ? ( not be lazy to waterstart ) l can do it but with higher volumes l tend to not bother and just uphaull
Pretty sure the maxxx ride was an early attempt at a freestyle board. Antoine Albeau may well even have won a world championship on it in 2001.
I'm sure it will be great fun, don't worry about bullshit about modern boards as you will get 100% the same enjoyment as a 2015 board and 90% of the performance