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    Get moving

    Just because the board doesn't buck you off doesn't mean your weight dustribution is optimal. Off course fine tuning will allways be difficult with windshifts and undulating water so getting a good feel for it takes time.

    What I want to focus is when many or even most people seem to be making the same sorts of mistakes with only small variations but mostly similar results. Like stalling every gybe. It may of course be the case they are so busy planning their next forward flaka that they forget to shift weight forwards on the board as the pull in the sail eases off and/or the speed drops.

    Or is it in fact the case that people fail to understand the necessity of moving their weight forwards (often best done by moving hips forwards and unweighting the feet by hanging off the boom)?

    On the beach today I witnessed a girl boarding a sup for the first time. She entered from the back, perhaps thinking the board was (almost) just as wide there as anywhere else.

    Most windsurfers soon learn to stand close to the mast base when taking off but forget to shift their weight forwards again as the speed drops or the sail becomes light. If more windsurfers could start moving their weight more swiftly (but not violently) on their boards they could pull off better moves.
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